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StruXureWare Central Critical Communication Error with Device Alarms

Discussion in StruxureWare for Data Centers started by Kyle , 10/26/2011 10:00 PM
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StruXureWare Central Critical Communication Error with Device Alarms

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  • Hello J,

    We are still experiencing the same issue. Any users that have their email addresses list will receive emails for server emails like lost communication with Netbotz appliances.

  • Vsales,

    Hope it will be fixed in the next update. Users getting annoying emails which they can do nothing about should be something high on the priority list.



  • I am running StuXureWare Central 7.0, is there a way to only send critical communication e-mail alarms to select users? I ask as I have a couple NetBotz appliances at remote sites which suffer from network latency during high traffic times. I setup the user logins to use their Active Directory accounts which automatically imports their email addresses. So what ends up happening is that every NetBotz disconnect alerts all users when there are only a couple users who want to track that connectivity issue. Right now my only apparent solution is to use local users and not populate their accounts with email addresses. Is there a new feature in 7.0 that I am missing or is this on a product enhancement wish list with APC somewhere?

    Thank you

  • yep, with us too.  you'd think after several years, changes to DCE, upgrades from ISX they could fix this?   Also, why is a netbotz a parent device? after many years this thing could have been made a child or equal to every other apc/bmc device.  That is where the problem is.  DCE can not be set to thresholds for other parent devices, is how I see it.  I have my devices bumped up to 45 minutes now and STILL have 'offline' errors daily..... 

  • Kgerlach,
    Unfortunately this is a known issue. The latest version I could find it documented in was the 6.2 release notes:

    Server E-Mails are Sent to All InfraStruxure Users

    When a NetBotz appliance goes offline, all users are sent a notification e-mail.

    I have attached a copy below. For now, if you do not want those all users to get an email when a Netbot goes offline, you will have to use local users instead.

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  • Hi,

    We had this issue too - had to change the alerts to Post-Only mode every 5 minutes (using advanced view). Had that working for a while and even then we were seeing alerts come through sometimes - this is because the 5minute post I beleive is on a schedule and if it doesn't post at that point in time during the schedule it will send the alert. Would be good if it was a try every five minutes, if it can't contact ISX then try again in another 5, then post but I guess it's not that smart yet.

  • Over two years later, is there any update to this? I am STILL having the same issue with the DCE 7.2.0 release. If the emails just went to me, i wouldn't worry so much however they still go to all users AND the issue isn't fixed.

    Please work on this. I don't think "Post Only" mode is the actual fix. When people see "Critical Communications Error" they start to freak out.



  • Is there any update on this. We are experiencing the same problem on DCE 7.2.4. We have one user who is a non admin getting Critical Communication Error emails from our Netbotz. 

    Can you also elaborate on what you mean by email addresses list? I'm not fully understanding what you meant in your previous statement: "Any users that have their email addresses list will receive emails for server emails like lost communication with Netbotz appliances."

  • For the quickest response, you'll want to ask for an update at our StruxureWare experts @ dcimsupport.apc.com. Since this discussion was started, they branched off to their own dedicated community to support StruxureWare products.

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