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Struxure Ware DCE Custom Column Question

Discussion in StruxureWare for Data Centers started by Dannon , 5/2/2014 3:20 PM
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Struxure Ware DCE Custom Column Question

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  • dlitwin


    We are using StruxureWare DCE 7.2.2

    I would like to add a column to the Device View Grid which shows the current temp from our external temp probe.  We've got the NMC and NMC2 cards with the external temp probes in all our UPS.  I looked in the online help about custom properties but it didn't make sense to me.

    Anyone willing to give me a step by step?



  • mmaciejk

    Hello Dan,

    Before we keep going, I would just like to clarify one thing. When you say Device View Grid, are you referring to the Device View tab or the Map View tab? If you are referencing the Device View tab, we cannot add in a column for sensor data. However, the Map View does have a way to add individual sensors to a grid layout. I believe you are referring to Map View, but would like to double check before I give you instructions.

  • dlitwin

    See screenshot below.  I was talking about device view and not map view.  I would be interested in seeing a screen shot of what you were talking about with map view.



  • mmaciejk

    In device view, we do not have a way to display live data it as a column. Those custom columns are values that are set by hand that a device sensor cannot pull such as who may be responsible for a unit or the next scheduled maintenance date. Generally speaking, snapshot reports are going to be the main method to gather current data. As for map view, I have included a quick example of what a map may look like. The view allows you to assign devices and sensors to a two dimensional space with the option for a background image to help you identify the unit/sensor locations and their current values. If this is what you are interested in, I can write up a quick tutorial for you.


  • dlitwin

    I've got map already setup for our sites.  Granted, they are a flat 2-D one and not as nice as the one in your screenshot.

    I like that you can see the temps on your units on the map view.  Any way I can duplicate that look?

  • mmaciejk
    This discussion is marked as answered

    The 3D image is just that, an image. I am not sure what was used to generate that since I found it while searching for a presentable background to demo. As for adding sensors to map view, that is a fairly simple matter.

    In map view:

    • Right click and enter edit mode
    • Right click and go to Map Settings (for adding a background)
    • Here, you can upload a background image as well as adjust icon sizes, click OK when done
    • Right click on blank space and click Add to Map
    • Select the sensors/units you would like to add to the layout (will only show devices and sensors in the folder of the current map)
    • Click and drag the sensors/units to place them
    • Right click and save
    • Right click and exit edit mode

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