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Do you have to import a CAD drawing to use Co-Lo?

Discussion in StruxureWare for Data Centers started by Michael , 5/28/2014 7:02 PM
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Do you have to import a CAD drawing to use Co-Lo?

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  • vsales


    You do not require a CAD drawing to use the Colo license. Without a CAD drawing you will be required to build each cage with the build in cage creating tooling.

  • michaelparsons

    We did not use a CAD drawing to layout our data center.  I have done everything in DCO.  I would like to use the multi-tenant feature to show the different tenants I have in the data center.  Is there a way to use Co-Lo without a CAD drawing?

  • sopeters

    I presume you have the co-lo license installed on your system?!?

    The CAD drawing is just a shortcut to getting the DC floor layout created and not a requirement for co-lo functionality to work.

    The multi-tenant feature is configured by first importing a customer list most likely from your CRM system using the CustomerWebService http://dcimsupport.apc.com/display/DCIMDEVELOPER/CustomerWebService

    In the properties page of a DC item (e.g. room, rack, cage, server) there is a customer section. Here it is possible to associate a customer to a piece of equipment.

    The co-lo overlay will then show a state of which equipment is open, closed (sold), reserved, internal.


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