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AP9465 mysterious IP address and MAC

Discussion in StruxureWare for Data Centers started by mark , 10/27/2014 6:42 PM
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AP9465 mysterious IP address and MAC

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  • AP9465

    STruxtureware v7

    Okay i have AP9465 the G2 is connected to a APC switch that connects all my APC cabinets and so on and are all define in the IP range of 10.10.etc. Now we defined G1 to be when we plug that in to our

    network one of are servers is knock off the network because of duplicate address coming from the APC9465. We did define G! to be 120, but by running a network analyzer we found the MAC address

    using 120 and it is registered to DELL, the funny thing is that MAC address is on a plastic card on the APC9465 and says IDRAC6 enterprise, so i know it is coming from that box. So the question

    is how do i changed the IP address associated with that MAC since it is not in the GUI interface of the APC9465É


  • it should be pretty straight forward, just hook a keyboard and monitor to the AP9465, reboot it via the struxureware client software.  While its booting, right after the bios post, you should see an option for BMC configuration, pretty sure its control+C, go into that menu and change the IP to something else.

    Hope this helps.

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