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AP9465 redundancy operation

Discussion in StruxureWare for Data Centers started by Du , 10/17/2014 1:31 AM
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AP9465 redundancy operation

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  • We are going to install two AP9465 with N+1 configuration.

    What do we need to prepare for doing that?

    Thank for all

  • AP9465 is a very basic StruxureWare server that comes with 1 GB RAM and 160 GB hard drive...I do not see any redundancy capability with that model #. If you want some internal redundancy you'd have to go with the higher up model which at least has RAID drive system.

  • Understand that ISX Central/Struxureware Central, ad now version 7.2 of DCE has never been able to run two servers in a redundant configuration.  Instead they were ran independently in parallel.  By this I mean that you can have two servers monitoring the exact same devices and even configure them identically. However they don't talk to each other and any change made on one server, has to be made manually on the other.

    I checked the 7.2.4 release notes ( http://www.apcmedia.com/salestools/JLER-88FJBB/JLER-88FJBB_R7_EN.pdf ) and don't see any mention of a new redundancy feature, so again, you will have to run the servers in parallel and choose how you want to manage making changes on the secondary server.

    I would recommend configuring one, testing it and once satisfied, make a backup and apply it to the other.  Be aware that this is NOT a long term strategy to keep the configuration identical.  The only supported way to restore a backup is to do a clean install of DCE first. Restoring a backup to an already configured server can cause database corruption issues and anomalies.

    Maybe someone from Schneider can comment further on this.

    If you had general install/setup questions, please be more specific.

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