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Event codes | StruxureWare for Data Centers

Event codes

Discussion in StruxureWare for Data Centers started by Natalie , 5/14/2014 7:56 PM
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Event codes

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  • natalie

    Is there a document that gives the codes for e-mail event notifications?

  • ipicKedawinna

    Hi Natalie,

    Assuming you mean as far as a Network Management Card and not StruxureWare, you can find them in the [EventActionConfig] section on the config.ini file if you download it.

    Here is an example I took from a config.ini:

    ; UPS: Passed a self-test.


    You'd add 0x to the beginning of what you see and exclude the E, so 0x0105 is the event code. This is also listed in the web UI when you are configuring events for different things such as the email notifications too. Hope that helps.

  • natalie

    I am trying to create 2 templates.  One to remove all the notifications and one to only give 2 of the events, on battery and the load exceed s 100% of rated capacity.  I can't get either of the stupid things to work.

    BTW I am doing this is Struxureware.


  • ipicKedawinna

    Ok, let me move this to the StruxureWare area then. I am not super familiar with StruxureWare mass configuration but perhaps mmaciejk could comment. He'll want to know what firmware is on the cards involved and any error messages you've seen or steps to replicate what you're doing. He'll also need to confirm the version of StruxureWare you're using.

  • mmaciejk

    Before we get into too much detail with the templates, there are just a few questions I'd like to ask. Is there a reason you'd like to set the unit up to send the E-Mails instead of the letting the DCE server do the work? Do you currently have any devices that are being alerted for using DCE as opposed to the unit's built in alerting? What version of DCE are you currently running (can be found under the Help > About menu)?

  • natalie

    We are using  We are using StruxureWare to monitor our UPS's on a global level.  This is why we want the errors to go by e-mail.  Even though we are monitoring here in Florenceville, NB we have devices in Australia, Europe, UK, South America, South Africa to name a few.   Some of these sites actually have a technician or electrician on site.  These people wish to be notified of certain situations so they can handle them in an expedient manner.

  • breda1311

    Hello Natalie,

    Since you want to send e-mails when a certain alert/threshold occurs to a certain e-mail address(s)/person. The best option for you is to create notification policies on the DCE server. You can create multiple notification policies, one for each site or create a policy for certain devices and alerts to go to a particular technician etc. Once these policies are set up these technicians will be informed by email or whatever action you chose (e-mail, short message e-mail, HTTP post,etc), when an alert happens on a particular device that is in that particular notification policy. You can change the level of severity of alerts and you also have the option of sending only informational alerts or critical alerts to certain technicians.

    On page 144 of the below manual, it shows how to set up Notification Policies.


    The help contents under the Help tab also shows how to set this up.

    Let me know if this helps and if this is what you are looking for,



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