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AP92200 Restore procedure

Discussion in StruxureWare for Data Centers started by Sunny , 1/31/2015 8:38 AM
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AP92200 Restore procedure

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  • endofrow

    Hello All

    I have APC ISX Manager AP92200 with me, i am unable to connect ISX manger through APC LAN/ Customer LAN, now i want to restore it and want to know the procedure of restore this ISX Manager.

    can you please help me to resolve this issue.



  • ipicKedawinna

    Hi - this product is end of life now so I am not sure how much help/support we'll be able to provide. Furthermore, products like this and the replacements are now supported at http://dcimsupport.apc.com.

    Based on my own experience, the first thing I'd suggest you do though is connect a keyboard and monitor to the ISX manager and see what it says on the screen to confirm if it can boot fully. The most common issue with this aging product is that after so long, the hard drive is damaged or can no longer boot. In that case, then there is no restore procedure unfortunately.

    How did the ISX Manager end up in this state? Did you recently upgrade it or anything? 

  • endofrow


    i am tried to connect keyboard & monitor but nothing on the display like monitor port is not working. I have two iSX managers right now with me both not showing display but one of them beeping when i turned it on. is there any solution to recover or restore or any way ?



  • ipicKedawinna

    Hi Sunny,

    I don't know of a way but you could try asking at dcimsupport.apc.com instead.

  • dorado

    I have a isx manager which could not connect but will change the date on my machine more or less the time if I could connect and download updates but I needed this equipment to a StruxureWare.

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