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How does Infrastruxure discover PDU serial numbers

Discussion in StruxureWare for Data Centers started by Bonnie , 3/21/2014 9:38 PM
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How does Infrastruxure discover PDU serial numbers

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  • when you say pdus, I assume you are referring to your ISX floor pdu, correct?  If so, then sturxureware is picking up the serial number of the PDU brain (which also has the network card in it, model number 0M-4500) , however your service agreement is tied to the floor pdu itself, typically to one of the two model/serial numbers on the stickers on the front of the unit.

    Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to get struxureware to automatically recognize this.   Instead, you should be able to create a custom properties column in 6.2 for this and you can put the model/serial number that's on the front of the unit in these fields.  If you need to call for service, you can reference these numbers instead.

  • I'm trying to reconcile the Serial Number stickers on the physical boxes with the Serial Numbers listed in Infrastruxure Central 6.2.0. The UPS units seem to be okay, but the PDUs are not even close. Is this a problem? Will we have license problems if we need to place a service call? Is there any way to update the numbers manually? Or to trigger a rediscovery? Any ideas about how it got confused in the first place?   Any tips will be appreciated!

    Thanks,  BonnieC.

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