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How to update the Genomes in StruxureWare operations?

Discussion in StruxureWare for Data Centers started by Zaied , 4/10/2013 10:58 AM
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How to update the Genomes in StruxureWare operations?

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    I had the same question when we went live with our Operations server about a year ago.  I was told that they don't have genome only updates but they are packaged in with Operations updates.  It's not the best option but you can add those servers in to your custom genome library if you have the specs for each model.

  • I think we have the latest version of the SWO and yet many devices is missing like STS and Bypass panels. How do we update the Genomes library to get the latest devices?

  • I have this same question.

    I went live with StruxureWare Data Center Operations 7.2.1 earlier this year and I to would like to know how to update the Genomes library as my Genomes library does not include the following:

    IBM SYSTEM X3250 M4


    IBM FC 5887

    IBM FC 5877

    Cisco ASA 5585-X IPS SSP-20

    F5 VIPRION C2400

    Thank you.

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