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Symmetra PX 40k Output Shutoff without any log explanation | Data Center & Facility 3 Phase UPS

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Symmetra PX 40k Output Shutoff without any log explanation

Discussion in Data Center & Facility 3 Phase UPS started by Bob , 8/19/2020 11:20 PM
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Symmetra PX 40k Output Shutoff without any log explanation

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  • Our Symmetra PX 40K shut off output for no apparent reason and the logs don't seem to explain why.  The unit is healthy and passed a self test a few days ago.  Its single cabinet unit without a bypass.

    The log reports that a power event caused the output to shut off because it was in bypass. But as you can see, the unit never went to a bypass.   We did have a real outage and our other 40k went on battery and protected the load.

    My question is it possible that during a failure event, the unit doesnt report all the events?   Notice we did get an alarm threshold during retstart.


    • 08/18/2020    13:18:12           Device UPS: No longer in bypass.            0x011E
    • 08/18/2020    12:44:48         Device UPS: A load (kVA) alarm threshold violation no longer exists. 0x020A
    • 08/18/2020    12:44:29         Device UPS: The output power is now turned on.           0x0113
    • 08/18/2020    12:44:28         Device UPS: The power problem that caused the UPS to turn off while in bypass no longer exists.            0x0226
    • 08/18/2020    12:44:28         Device UPS: A load (kVA) alarm threshold violation exists.      0x0209
    • 08/18/2020    12:44:28         Device UPS: In bypass in response to the UPS front-panel or a user-initiated software command, typically for maintenance.     0x011C
    • 08/18/2020    11:41:42           Device UPS: The output power is turned off.      0x0114
    • 08/18/2020    11:41:42           Device UPS: An input voltage problem occurred while in bypass, turning off the UPS.    0x0225
    • 08/13/2020    11:30:14           Device UPS: Passed a self-test.            0x0105
    • 08/13/2020    11:29:05          Device UPS: Started a self-test.            0x0137


  • From a quick look at the logs posted it looks like the unit seems to think it was in a by-pass state when the power went out, if it was then it is possible there will be no log of the actual issue but I'd recommend opening a case with your local support team so that we can do some deeper investigation.


  • Thats what we thought too.  But the log would have mentioned it going to bypass by user, static switch, or forced bypass.    

    We know that it cant pass a self test in Bypass mode, so just a few days ago it was online.

    My theory is that during that instant of the outage, load surged, and for a moment we were at 151% load which would cause 1)bypass due to overload  2)shutdown due to power loss  and 3)alarm threshold notice.   But since it went down that instant it couldnt log those events.   Only when it came back online, did it send the alarm notice... but overload never came on.

  • I'm not 100% on the specs for the PX, but I don't think it can handle 151% overload for any length of time even in by-pass mode. If you provide the debug logs to the appropriate team they might be able to give you some more accurate information. 


  • where do i find the debug logs

  • It depends on the NMC or PX brain but for NMC2 based products the link video below, but support will help you with gathering the logs for your particular unit:


  • Data, Event, Dump, Debug attached... Doesnt look like much


  • Also.. can anyone translate SYMIM4 lights...

    Looks like DIG1 D85 is lit red.

  • Hi Bob,

    I don't think your going to get the level of support you require here for the three phase units, but if you log a request with the support team they'll be happy to help. I realise that your unit is out of warranty but that just means you won't get any components replaced, they'll still be able to help you with what's going on with the unit.


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