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PX80 static switch fault | Data Center & Facility 3 Phase UPS

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PX80 static switch fault

Discussion in Data Center & Facility 3 Phase UPS started by terrence , 7/19/2019 12:34 PM
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Posted in: General

PX80 static switch fault

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  • terrence

    Good Day, 

    I am having an issue with a PX 80KVA, the unit is saying the static switch is faulty, the static switch was replaced with a new one from APC but the fault remained, it is also saying in the logs "communications established" every few minutes, could this be one or both intelligence module(s) are faulty?

  • kassemofficecity

    Hi, nobody answer to you? I experience the same on symetra PX: static by-pass module switch fault" alarm.

    I open and close again the Q5 breaker ( static by-pass and the alarm disapear. But i didn't receive an answer from Apc explained this..  

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