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APC PDU AP88XX issue

Discussion in Data Center & Facility 3 Phase UPS started by RED , 5/13/2019 6:17 PM
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Posted in: General

APC PDU AP88XX issue

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  • crazyred13

    I have about 100 of those AP8868 PDU and only couple of those the display screen is not frozen and able to access to the Web OS / or software upgrade. ( less then 10 are working correctly) rest of the 90 PDU is Screen frozen and also unable to log in to Web GUI and software upgrade. 

    Here what i tried:

    Opt1) SSH, do a .exe Software update/ FTP software upgrade and none of it able to fix the issue.

    Opt2) using the PDU reset button to try to do a hard reset and still not work. ( press reset once hold for a sec, then press again for 10 Sec and when the Orange blink press again ) and also not fixing anything .


    What will be next option or suggestion ? un-plug from the power source completely ?


    Please help ... very disappointed with it ... 




  • B-DoubleE

    Hi Red,

    By "frozen", is the display lit up but not displaying any information? It's possible the PDU's are affected by the issue outlined here: https://www.apc.com/us/en/faqs/FA237061/

    I'd recommend looking at that and attempting a firmware upgrade over either serial, or USB (USB instructions here: https://www.apc.com/us/en/faqs/FA156047/)

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