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Sourcing parts and poor service

Discussion in Data Center & Facility 3 Phase UPS started by Noel , 9/5/2018 9:35 AM
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Sourcing parts and poor service

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  • Sourcing parts from APC is impossible, we require a replacement SUVT15Kva power module that has been damaged for a SUVTPF15KB4H.

    Plus a SBS for a Symmetra  SYCF160KH PX160Kva that is also damaged, but contacting APC is a nightmare, getting pushed from Pillar to post.  3 days now spent getting sent around the place to find someone who can provide us  with the replacement parts we require. 

    Don't need a tech  to be sent for this, both units are plug and play. 

    Once upon a time we used the APC service agent where we are based, but when I arrived in country and began investigating i found they  had never once fulfilled the conditions of the service contract, invoiced us for servicing never done, ( technicians would arrive only after repeated calls to them) then leave promising to come back the following day,  never did, even when simple repairs were required kept trying to sell us replacement UPS instead of repairing them. 

    To be honest, we are a major global customer of APC, we currently have over 100 units of various sizes and type in use just in this country alone, add to that that we have a presence in over 90 countries world wide and APC have been the preferred brand of UPS,  (we have just  in this country  alone bought 16 SUVTPF15KB4B units in the past two years)  6 x 3Kva rack units, 10 x1Kva smart Online , but getting  spare parts for any ups with the exception of battery modules is nigh on impossible. 

    Don't know what business model APC are using but it's not working for your customers,  so APC, one last chance ,or think it's time to change to GE or Emerson once these units come to the end of their useful life. 

    Very dissatisfied customer. 



  • Hi,

    We are sorry to hear of your inconvenience's. I have sent your e-mail address to the proper team and someone will be contacting you to help with the issues.

  • Bill, 

    I won't hold my breath for a reply. I 'll probably just get the standard email referring me to an agent.

    I had a quote from an APC  agent for  $7600 for a PM,  and $8, 600 for an SBS, I can buy a complete  SUVT unit for that, so your competitors  are looking very good right now, and all for a board that should cost approx $200-$500 max.

    So much for the APC environmental policies, what a waste of resources. Talk about the throw away society.

    FYI, $1 a day feeds a hungry child. So that's 16,000 children fed tomorrow by us.

    We have done a complete check down to component level, on the PM  all that's required is 1 x  400V 470micro farad capacitor and 16 amp cartridge fuse. 

    For the SBS it's one of the ceramic capacitors that is gone,  0.50C in any electronics shop. So guess what? 

    It's about time APC started to meet its customers needs,it will make many more friends and repeat customers that way. 

    Since  the take over by Schneider there has been a steady decline in Customer service, its now  a non-service, you get redirected to an agent whose bottom line is to sell you entire units,  it's, give us your money and then pay more and more for assistance or go away and stop annoying us.

    Once upon a time any service agent could repair these boards, not any more, easy to see why APC are losing ground to Asian and other manufacturers.

    I wonder,  do the service  support staff pass these  customers concerns  and complaints to your senior management, or are they too busy watching the share price and sales to care?

    If you get the feeling I am annoyed, then you are 100% correct.


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