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Static Switch Issue

Discussion in Data Center & Facility 3 Phase UPS started by Omar , 7/20/2018 8:43 PM
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Posted in: General

Static Switch Issue

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  • camposomar83


    Im installing a 80KW PX UPS, but when starting is showing an error: "Bypass Switch Module Removed" but the static switch is there :/, i have same issue with 2 different UPS both of 80KW, maybe some switch or jumper connections is wrong but really don't know what is. Any ideas?

  • Noel61


    we had similar issues with  LX Power modules not showing up,  Errors showing PM  reduced, we would install a replacement PM and the system still told us no PM was installed, what we discovered  after a lot of investigation was the pins on the sockets at the back of the module  were not making correctly at the back where it plugged to the machine. We  removed the modules and used a small  sewing needle to to push the contacts on the socket in a fraction closer together, and then they worked fine,  it is the pins in the  blue socket at the back, but you have to be delicate and not force them,

    It seems to be a design flaw or just poor quality copper used in the socket manufacture causing them to widen and not make on the plug at the back. 

    Worth a try. 


  • camposomar83

    I finally pushed forward really hard the bypass and seems that was the solution :/

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