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PDPM277H | Data Center & Facility 3 Phase UPS


Discussion in Data Center & Facility 3 Phase UPS started by daniyal , 3/3/2018 10:12 AM
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  • daniyal


     anybody know why  I am getting alarm on  PDPM-277H  "Transformer Overheating Alarm". please help me how to fix.How can I solve this problem?

  • ptrk

    In the web interface check that the setting for "Transformer" is set to "None".

  • sesa301262


    Can we get these parameters from PDPM277H model or what needs to be customize here to make it doable:

    1.  Navigation touch screen

    2.  Supported by Modbus RTU, Ethernet Port, Modbus TCP/IP, SNMP

    3.  Device setting, Enhanced sub feed setting, reading of single & individual MFM setting (KWH/KW/V/A etc.,), reading warnings, alarms

    4.      Listed alarms to be part of

    a)      EPO

    b)      REPO

    c)      Thermal Temperature

    d)       Phase rotation

    e)      Gr Current trip

    f)       Over current trip

    g)      Under voltage trip

    h)      Input/output voltage & Current (High/Low – All phases),

    i)        Breaker/circuit status

    j)        Breaker Performance monitoring

    Please support.


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