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Symmetra 16000 System Fan replacement parts available?

Discussion in Data Center & Facility 3 Phase UPS started by John , 8/21/2010 3:11 PM
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Posted in: General

Symmetra 16000 System Fan replacement parts available?

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  • jkelleyus

    Thanks. This is not a power module fan, but one of two in the bottom of the cabinet.

    It's 230 V with a five wire pigtail. I assume 2 power leads and 3 feedback leads.

    It sure looks like it should be field-replaceable... 4 screws and a plug and it's out of the unit.

    I'd sure like to find a new fan...


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  • upsguy

    Try googling that part.. I found this one http://www.network-server-parts.com/ta450-nidec-torin-alpha-v-ball-bearing-fan-model-4503012210930402.html.

    Your probably not going to be able to get a replacement fan from APC, only a replacement power module. I believe only the Symmetra PX/MW line has field replaceable fans.

  • clarkson

    The part you require is 0M-606.

  • rdgaul

    APC told me that they no longer have the part. After they provided a list of their distributors, I have UNSUCCESSFULLY invested over 3 hours trying to find the part in stock somewhere.

    I've asked without success for APC to at least tell me the details of the fan's connections.

    I plan to never buy an APC UPS again.

  • JoeMomma

    The 0M-606 fan is indeed available on the US and Canadian "spare parts" price lists. As of today, stock is very limited in North America. The Symmetra Power Array UPS has been discontinued for over 5 years now.

    APC authorized resellers can special order the part directly from APC warehouses. CDW, for example, has several open orders at the time of this message that were placed on the 6th and are shipping today.

    As long as the UPS is being operated in a reasonable environment with temperatures around 25C, the fan is not absolutely necessary (though the UPS will operate with the fan fault).

    APC typically does not discuss internal schematics as a matter of limiting liability for customer wiring errors. The wire pin-out should be relatively simple given two wires are for AC power, two for the tachometer (power and return signal), and one for fan presence sense.

    We will have someone email you directly to help.

  • JoeMomma

    Update: RDGaul was able to order this part through his reseller, Graybar.

  • jkelleyus

    We recently inherited a Symmetra 16000 with 1 XR cabinet from a newly purchased subsidiary, and I got elected to bring the UPS back up.

    We have new SYSBAT's coming and I just fired the system up last Friday to check out firmware revs, network setup, etc. That all went well.

    I did get a System Fan Failure warning, and found one of the Nidec Alpha V 450 fans to be not spinning and pretty warm to the touch.

    Does APC have the replacement for this unit (I have removed the old one from the mounting plate and ready for change-out)? I noticed this fan has a five-wire harness so I'm suspecting it's equipped with tach feedback that would not be easily replaced by a 'generic' fan?

    How does one go about getting spare parts for this unit... which looks to be from the late 1990's but in excellent shape?



  • Scrappy

    Old thread, but just to note it is possible to take a generic Nidec Alpha V 450 and modify it to work with the late 1990's Symmetra. However, the pins are the wrong gender (although the plastic connector is the correct gender) and they need to be swapped around to match the pinout. Honestly unless you have the connectors & the correct crimp tool it's far quicker & easier to cut the leads on both the old & new, solder them together keeping in mind the pinout differences and apply heatshrink tubing.

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