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Symmetra PX40 will not power on!!

Discussion in Data Center & Facility 3 Phase UPS started by Giovanni , 4/13/2017 6:29 PM
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Posted in: General

Symmetra PX40 will not power on!!

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  • gmercuri

    I recently installed a second hand Symmetra PX40.  Of note, I am NOT using ANY APC switch gear at all...there is no PDU connected to the Symmetra; the 208V3P is connected directly from our 175A breaker in a mains panel.  That all said, when I try to power on the Symmetra with the small while rocker switch (pushing to the up position); it immediately "trips" and goes to the OFF position (does not stay up and boot).  I tried trouble shooting EVERYTHING I could and low and behold when the External Switch Gear Monitor card is pulled out...VOILA...it stays powered on and boots.  Of course there is a fault in the system saying the external switch gear monitor card is removed.  If I plug the card back in while the unit is powered up...it immediately trips back to off.  I investigated a little bit in the rear of the unit too...and on the maintenance bypass board; there are two sets of jumpers...one pair jumping 5/6 and the other pair jumping 13/14.  I tried removing 13/14 jumper and no joy same thing...I tried removing 5/6 and same thing...BOTTOM LINE, I cannot power on the UPS with the External Switch Gear Monitor card in.  Now this is a problem really because then the UPS is in a permanent fault state (and as far as I can tell cannot be cleared).  Can anyone help me understand whay the heck is going on here.  with the card removed EVERYTHING works fine and when it is plugged in it will not even try to start it just immediately trips off...what am I missing...I am pulling my hair out here!!!!  Any help at all would be appreciated!!!!



  • wpasquil


    This may be caused by wiring at the EPO ( Emergency Power Off ) board which is located on the opposite wall from the Maint Byp board at lower rear of UPS.

    Verify the following wiring to see if configured for N.O. or N.C.

    For instance, if not using any EPO switch then there should be a jumper at terminals 5 & 6 of J4 and no jumper at terminals 1 & 2 of the J5

    If this all checks good then I would try replacing the EPO board and finally the Ext Sw Gear Mon Card if needed.

    I also recommend you contact Technical Support at 1-800-890-4272 when prompted press 4 then press 4 again for 3 phase support. 

  • gmercuri

    Bill, I cannot thank you enough; you saved me $$$$.  That is perfect.  I now have the APC EPW9 wired to 1/2 of J5 and 5/6 jumpered on J4...with switch gear card in...now ZERO FAULTS and no more beeping!!!!  Thank you so much Bill...I owe you!


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