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Module Breaker Open / Close Alarm

Discussion in Data Center & Facility 3 Phase UPS started by Say Leong , 7/1/2015 9:32 AM
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Module Breaker Open / Close Alarm

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  • sayleong

    We deployed APC Symmeta 48K with 3 units of PDM (model PDM2332IEC-3P30R-1). Each PDM has three miniature circuit breaker with load of 32A each.

    1. In Nov 2014, we have the critical error message - "module breaker - open alarm Mod[3].L2" - pls see attachment. But there is no tripped and all power to rack PDU are ok. None of the servers are down. Strange.

    Within minutes, we noticed the error message cleared when breaker is "CLOSED". There is red blinking LED at the PDM and then moment later, it turns green. This sequence is repeated continuously until TODAY and still happening.

    2. Last month, we have the same critical error message  "module breaker - open alarm Mod[5].L3" - pls see attachment. So, this time, it on another PDM and another circuit breaker within that PDM. Again, I can see there is blinking RED LED at the PDM and then moment later, it turns green. This sequence is repeated continuously until TODAY and still happening. But, we do not experience power tripped and none of our servers are down.

    Strange? Can someone please enlighten?  

  • ipicKedawinna


    I asked our EMEA tech support regarding this as they deal with those types of PDMs. They advised to contact your local support as this may indicate the particular PDM or some component may require replacement if it is showing this type of symptom.

  • sayleong

    Thank you for your prompt reply, Angela.

    Well, indeed it may be that particular PDM unit or one of miniature circuit breakers within that particular PDM unit is "faulty" and require replacement. Hence, the critical error message shown up.

    However, I hope you can of assistance --- so, if these kind of error message shown up and yet, "it seems like nothing happening to the power line, or rack PDU or my servers", how can I convince my management that PDM LED light is blinking red and suddenly turns green again and turns red again while there is no power trip ---- still we NEED to shutdown affected rack PDU / server in order to investigate it is really PDM issue or one of miniature circuit breaker issue and therefore require replacement? 

    Another matter. perhaps you can share --- what kind of test or tools they used is carried out by qualified Schneider engineer to track and investigate PDM issue / miniature circuit breaker issue? --- it is for my learning knowledge. Appreciate your time and effort.

  • ipicKedawinna
    This discussion is marked as answered

    Hi again,

    I suggest that you contact your local escalation for further detail. We just don't have the expertise on the forum with these products specifically to be able to support your question to the level of detail that I think you need and should be able to get. I am under the assumption that there may be an issue your local support is aware of and could go into further detail about specific to your installation.

    Because of my lack of expertise with this type of product, I don't quite know how to answer your second question either. I am not sure at what level components are replaced either.

  • sayleong

    Hi Angela,

    Thanks for your reply. Noted. Sure, we will engage Malaysia Schneider engineer on this matter.  

  • AndreD

    Hello Say Leong , You have solved your problem with the error "module breaker - open alarm Mod[3].L2"? I had the same problem. I can't find a solution.Thanks.

  • sayleong

    Well, unfortunately not. So, till today, the issue remains. 

    I am guessing my PDM or miniature breaker is something wrong yet not to the extend that is impacting my PDU or power line. So, I will leave it as it is. 

    It is really hard to schedule downtime for my data center and from time to time we have re-org. So, it's kind of messy. Maybe, out of 3 PDM I have,  I can try to identify which affected servers for PDM#1 and coordinate correctly to have downtime for that set of affected servers first. It's like piecemeal. I will deal with PDM#1 first and once done, I will move on to deal with PDM#2 and so on. 

  • kassemofficecity

    For you info, i experience the same on a symetra PX160. I will follow you, i don't touch as it doesn't affect the load.

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