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EU Symmetra PX 40K shows US voltages after firmware upgrade

Discussion in Data Center & Facility 3 Phase UPS started by Alex , 6/12/2015 10:29 AM
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Posted in: General

EU Symmetra PX 40K shows US voltages after firmware upgrade

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  • sunnybug


    We have Symmetra PX 40K installed on site.

    Yesterday I have upgraded Management card (AP9617) firmware to latest available

    SFSY3372 - apc_hw02_aos373_sy3p372

    Immediately after this UPS lost bus connection with static bypass unit.

    After restart UPS now thinks it is NA model and show 116v input voltages

    (allthru they are 230v really) and 208v/60hz "configured output voltage"

    Downgrading firmware back and resetting UPS eeprom did not help.

    MIM & RIM are "ON & Failed" in the web interface.

    MIM & RIM firmware is 20.10

    We also have 20K system, it has upgraded without any problems.

    Allthru MIM & RIM firmware is 17.00 in that system

    Any suggestions?

  • ipicKedawinna


    I asked our EMEA 3 phase support. Here is what they explained to me:

    From the information in the screen shot we can see the following:

    Basically it seems that the UPS doesn't know what size it is. But the fact that it has an issue communicating with the Static Bypass Switch, this is probably where the issue is originating from. I say this because the Static Switch holds the System ID card, and the System ID card holds the Frame size, Region, Voltage etc. Because it cannot determine what it is, it fails the "system start up configuration". I would try re-seating the SBS module to see if it helps....the SBS not being seated 100% correctly is a fairly common issue. There are 2 securing screws and these should also be checked that they are tight.

    If that doesn't help, I would try reseating the System ID card which is found in the front of the Static Switch Module. It is only held in by 1 X screw. If this does not work, then the recommendation would be to contact your local support office for further assistance by field service or tech support.

    Especially if you need guidance on any of these things and reseating modules, etc, I'd contact the local support office to help.

  • sunnybug

    Hello, Angela!

    It seems like the problem is with the SBS module.

    I have tried installing the SBS from other system (also 40K), while keeping the original SYSID card. 

    And it works. The other system with this faulty SBS and it's own card behaves exactly the same.

    (wrong voltages, not able to get system serial number, etc)

    So it is a problem with SBS <-> BUS communication (of course the ID card gets affected).

    And I'm afraid the problem is not in tight seating, but some dead electronics inside the SBS.

    Strange that AOS firmware update caused this SBS death.

    What local service you would recommend, given I'm in Hungary?

    The UPS if not covered with warranty/support, so "for cash"  :)


  • ipicKedawinna

    Hi Alex,

    Wow, yes, okay you're on top of it. I agree it is strange on the AP9617 firmware update but the person I asked said it has happened before, though rare. 

    EMEA support suggested the following for local service options:

    Hope that helps! I have no experience with either as I am in the US.

  • kevinkamyar


    i need to latest version of  firmware for the mim and RIM and symmetra Power Module

    who can help me?

    thanke you

    my mail is


  • wpasquil


    Please contact local support at this link http://www.apc.com/ae/en/support/contact-us/index.jsp They will be happy to assist you with the firmware. 

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