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PCNS 4.4.1 and SimpliVity | UPS Management Devices & PowerChute Software

PCNS 4.4.1 and SimpliVity

Discussion in UPS Management Devices & PowerChute Software started by Bjoern , 2 days ago
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PCNS 4.4.1 and SimpliVity

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  • Hej,

    I was glad to see the update that HPe SimpliVity is supported now so I updated the PCNS Appliance at a customer and tryed to configure the SimpliVity funcionality. But I always got the Error that connecting to the Cluster is not possible after entering the Omnistack information. Direct login out of the appliance with ssh is possible so connection to the omnistack is available.

    I found all the tips with the connection settings but didn't succeed. In the Log I saw the entry that in the ini file the entries for the SimpliVity cluster is missing. How should they look like? Is this an error due the upgrade of the appliance?

    Thanks for response.

  • Hi,

    Yes there should be a section in the pcnsconfig.ini for the SimpliVity Cluster. See the attached Vonfig.ini file explained PDF

    The section is [SimpliVityClusterDetails]


  • Hej Bill,

    thanks for the response and the document.

    I added the Section manually to the ini-file but still don't get a connection to the omnistacks. I also did now a plain new setup with the version 4.4.1 and still have the same problem that the verification of the OVC fails in the setup task. Is there a log to check what is not correct (using which port or seeing connection issue)?

  • Finally found the error.

    According the error.log I found that the connection to the ESX-hosts was not possible. Obviously in this configuration it uses this connection to find the omnistackhosts and in all others this will not be checked. So I fixed it and then the configuration worked.

    the pcnsconfig file looks that way:

    ovc_username = svtcli
    ovc_force_shutdown_delay = 60
    ovc_name_0 = >OmnistackVMname<
    ovc_ip_0 = >ipaddress<
    ovc_host_0 = >ESXi hostname<
    ovc_name_1 = >OmnistackVMname<
    ovc_ip_1 = >ipaddress<
    ovc_host_1 = >ESXi hostname<

    Thanks for information

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