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Prevent computer from shttung down

Discussion in UPS Management Devices & PowerChute Software started by Kahbara , 4/26/2021 7:58 PM
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Prevent computer from shttung down

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  • Hello,

    - I'm using an old Laptop as a server which it has it's own battery.

    - An APC Smart UPS 750VA unit connected to that Laptop via USB.

    - Using PowerChute Business Edition

    - Windows 10 Home x64


    I have created a simple batch file to safely shutdown my network connected devices to the UPS when a Power Outage occurs.

    The problem is while the batch file is running on the Laptop and before it completes, the UPS gives a command to the Laptop to shutdown and it does.

    Is there anyway to prevent the Laptop from shutting down? I want the Laptop to stay on for all the time it can on its own battery.
    I'm having a little problem understanding how the software works.

  • Hi,

    What version of PowerChute Business Edition are you running and what is the OS?

  • Sorry about that, edited first post

    Also forgot to mention, i have the option " Do not shut down in the event of a power outage. " selected in the "Shutdown Settings" page, But it still does Shutdown like 2 minutes after the Power Outage occurs.

  • Hi,

    The OS will always be powered off as that is its main purpose. At the bottom of the Shutdown Settings page there is a note explaining this.

    Note: Regardless of the Power Outage Configuration selection, if the UPS is On Battery and the remaining UPS runtime falls below the combined time configured for Application and Operating System Shutdown (180 Seconds) then an immediate Shutdown is triggered to ensure enough time for a graceful shutdown.

    When PowerChute executes the shutdown sequence an entry is written to the system application log. You can create a command file that would run when PowerChute executes the shutdown sequence. The event you would what to create the task for is APCPBEAgent Event ID: 1025

    See this video for assistance with creating the task. https://schneider-electric.box.com/s/6d0hpkq906r9l94sruibfg6c39mwzr2q

    The Windows command file would include shutdown /a 

    NOTE: Once PowerChute begins the shutdown process the PowerChute web GUI will become unresponsive. If the laptop is not rebooted to access the PowerChute web GUI you will need to restart the APCPBEAgent service. 


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