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Discussion in UPS Management Devices & PowerChute Software started by Chuck , 3/26/2021 1:37 AM
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  • I have a large quantity of SRT 3000's currently deployed in my organization.  They have a combination of AP9630 and AP9631 cards installed. I use the AP9631 card temperature probe to monitor the rooms.  I have found a number of devices where the temp probe is not attached. I am trying to do a audit of of the NMC's cards with SNMP.   I have figured out the OID to see what port the Temp probe is attached to but I get the same response from a 9631 cards without a probe as I do from a 9630 card.  I am trying to find a OID that would tell me the model number of the NMC card so I can figure out which ones I need to have someone visit.  With over 2000 devices logging in manually would be challenging. 


  • I have made some progress.  snmputil.exe get SNMP_comm . returns the details below.  It includes the model number but is not specifically the model number.  I guess I can pull it from the string unless someone know the OID that will give just the NMC model.  

    Variable = system.sysDescr.0

    Value    = String APC Web/SNMP Management Card (MB:v4.2.9 PF:v1.4.0.23 PN:apc_hw21_aos_1.4.0.23.bin AF1:v1.4.0.19 AN1:apc_hw21_su_1.4.0.19.bin MN:AP9641 HR:5 SN: ZA1937012533 MD:09/13/2019) (Embedded PowerNet SNMP Agent SW v2.2 compatible)





  • Hello,

    maybe a workaround :

    it contains the S/N. I suppose AP9630/AP9631/AP9640 are not in the same range.

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