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The Application Was Not Able to Load

Discussion in UPS Management Devices & PowerChute Software started by Walter , 9/10/2020 12:36 PM
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The Application Was Not Able to Load

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  • WalterH


    after updating a Management Card 2 from 6.8x to 6.88 with file: apc_hw05_aos688_sumx688_bootmon109.exe, I cant login via web interface, I always see this error message: 

    The Application Was Not Able to Load.

    You are attempting to access a Schneider device.
    There was a problem loading the application. Please login to the device via telnet for more details. 

    Telnet login works:

    Schneider Electric Network Management Card AOS v6.8.8
    (c) Copyright 2020 All Rights Reserved
    Name : xxxxxxxxxx Date : 09/10/2020
    Contact : Walter xxxxxxxx Time : 13:12:02
    Location : Unknown User : Super User
    Up Time : 0 Days 0 Hours 32 Minutes Stat : P+ N4+ N6+ A-
    IPv4 : Enabled IPv6 : Enabled
    Ping Response : Enabled
    HTTP : Enabled HTTPS : Enabled
    FTP : Enabled Telnet : Enabled
    SSH/SCP : Enabled SNMPv1 : Read/Write
    SNMPv3 : Disabled
    Super User : Enabled RADIUS : Disabled
    Administrator : Disabled Device User : 1 Enabled
    Read-Only User : 1 Enabled Network-Only User : Disabled


    E000: Success
    Hardware Factory
    Model Number: AP9631CH
    Serial Number: 5A1708Txxxxx
    Hardware Revision: 05
    Manufacture Date: 02/20/2017
    MAC Address: 00 C0 B7 xxxxxxx
    Management Uptime: 0 Days 0 Hours 33 Minutes

    Application Module
    Name: aos
    Version: v6.8.8
    Date: Apr 28 2020
    Time: 17:21:52

    Name: aos
    Version: v6.8.8
    Date: Apr 28 2020
    Time: 17:21:52

    APC Boot Monitor
    Name: bootmon
    Version: v1.0.9
    Date: Mar 27 2019
    Time: 16:23:06


    Manual states A- is an check sum error in Application, so I tried to flash the application:

    Unfortunately the ftp transfer never starts:

    C:\temp\xxx\apc_hw05_aos688_sumx688_bootmon109\Bins>ftp xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Verbindung mit xxxxxxxxxxxx wurde hergestellt.
    220 AP9631CH Network Management Card AOS v6.8.8 FTP server ready.
    550 NOOP requested action not taken.
    Benutzer (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:(none)): apc
    331 User name okay, need password.
    230 User logged in, proceed.
    ftp> bin
    200 TYPE Command okay.
    ftp> hash
    Hashmarkierungsdruck EIN FTP: (2048 Bytes/Hash).
    ftp> put apc_hw05_sumx_688.bin
    200 PORT Command okay.
    150 File status okay; about to open data connection.

    Here the ftp connection hangs forever. 

    Any ideas how to recover this management card? 







  • wpasquil


    If you cannot recover via FTP you may need to recover via the boot monitor. See Schneider Electric FAQ FA293874

  • WalterH


    next week I am with customer again, so I will try next week and come back. 

    Happy weekend. 


  • APC_Gavan
    This discussion is marked as answered

    Hi Walter,

    Can you try using the WinSCP client? Sometimes there can be compatibility issues with different clients.



  • WalterH


    thank you, I transferred the application (sumx) with scp and now the NMC2 works again. 



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