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Powerchute PE: e-mail alerts & data logging?

Discussion in UPS Management Devices & PowerChute Software started by A , 4/3/2020 12:01 PM
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Powerchute PE: e-mail alerts & data logging?

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  • yorkshirelad

    Model: Back-UPS RS 1200G
    Serial number: 4B1927P08*** (last 2 digits intentionally asterisked out)
    Firmware revision: 877.L5.I
    Software version: PowerChute Personal Edition 3.1.0

    OS: Windows 10 Pro, connected via USB.

    I have just purchased another APC UPS, a shiny new Back-UPS RS 1200G. Very nice piece of kit. I think this is the third or fourth UPS (all APC Back-UPS) I've had over the last 20 years (for various reasons, for home office use)

    However, it's still shipping with Powerchute Personal Edition, which isn't great. No e-mail alerts, and no logging (without a lot of work with other software by me). If I remember back into the distant past, my first APC UPS came with Powerchute Plus which did data logging and email alerts (I wonder if I should try and dig that out and see if it runs).

    It's a bit much to splash out ~£400 on a decent bit of kit and get rubbish software to administer it.

    What software alternatives does APC offer for this Back-UPS RS 1200G, preferably with e-mail alerts and logging. Would the Business edition work with this UPS? Would the Business edition offer logging and e-mail alerts?

    Failing that, what are the alternatives? What are other users/customers using??

    I've seen apcupsd (http://apcupsd.com/; which hasn't been updated in a while: 2016) and I'm looking at Winpower (http://www.ups-software-download.com/, updated recently, "(Latest Update : 2020 - March)") quite favourably. There's also the native Windows power handling functionality which I've used in the past which seems perfectly adequate.

    What do other users think? What do other users use?

  • wpasquil


    Check out this thread concerning scripting PowerChute Personal Edition to send email.


    The other option I suggest is APCUPSD. 


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