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PCNS and NMC2 settings for shutdown VM vCenter

Discussion in UPS Management Devices & PowerChute Software started by Luca , 1/11/2020 7:40 PM
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PCNS and NMC2 settings for shutdown VM vCenter

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  • Mexcal

    Good evening
    I wanted to request information about the settings to be applied on an NMC2 and on the PCNS appliance to shutdown the VMs in the VMware environment when the battery runtime is approximately 20 minutes. I did not understand if the value assigned on PCNS prevails on NMC or vice versa

    I am attaching the screenshot of the settings set on pcns and nmc


    and nmc


  • wpasquil
    This discussion is marked as answered


    They both will cause PowerChute to start the shutdown process when the runtime falls below 20 minutes. The low battery duration is used to trigger the shutdown process if no other event has been configured.

    When the shutdown process begins the UPS will wait 20 minutes, plus a none configurable 2 minutes, plus the 90 second shutdown delay and then kill output to the outlets. As the graph below shows PowerChute will wait until the UPS reaches 20 minutes of runtime (the on battery event) then begin the process. 

    If your system requires 20 minutes to power down I recommend increasing the runtime remaining threshold to start the shutdown process earlier. This will allow the system to power off and not drain the UPS batteries completely. I also recommend adding a start up delay to allow the batteries to charge in case of a second outage once the UPS turns back on. 

  • Mexcal

    Thanks a lot Bill.

    For you, with a Smart-UPS 1500 which could be a start up delay and and in what field should I enter this data ?

  • Mexcal

    Another thing Bill

    I can maximum put 23 minutes in nmc settings

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