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New Smart UPS - where do I install PCNS?

Discussion in UPS Management Devices & PowerChute Software started by Tony , 10/1/2019 11:48 AM
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Please review Schneider Electric Knowledge Base articles for assistance with most technical support questions.  http://www.apc.com/us/en/faqs

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New Smart UPS - where do I install PCNS?

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  • teejayuu-qs


    Just installed a SRT5KLXI and connected my 2 IBM hosts and Storage unit.  I'm not sure where to install thePowerChute Network shutdown software: is if on the EXSi Hosts; on the Windows 2012 R2 VMs; or both?


  • miradorit

    After configuring the NMC via a browser and confirming the status is all good, you will install PCNS on those hosts you want to protect, and configure them as an agent on the NMC. In this case, you need it on the ESX server at a minimum. If ESX has the ability to pause VMs when it is gracefully shutdown, then you only need PCNS on the ESX server since it will pause the VMs before shutting down. There's probably other ways of doing this like running scripts to pause the events on graceful shutdown, etc. If ESX doesn't support saving the state of a VM, you will also need to install PCNS on the VMs and configure them as agents as well. If you have to install PCNS on the VMs, make sure your various start-up and shutdown delays are synchronized such that the host isn't shutdown before the VMs gracefully shutdown, and the VMs are not trying to start before the host is fully ready.  Can't imagine the latter being an issue, but we historically set the startup delay on VMs to something like 3 - 5 minutes (we do that in the VM settings).

  • wpasquil


    Are you running standalone ESXi hosts or ESXi hosts manage by vCenter Server? Your options are to install PCNS Virtual Appliance (OVA) on each host if standalone or install on a single host and configure as managed by vCenter Server. 

    You should read Application Note 180 if the hosts are managed by vCenter Server.

    If standalone hosts you should read Schneider Electric FAQ FA159688

    You should read the Install Guide for assistance with installing and you should read the User's Guide for assistance with set up. 

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