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Servers are not turning on after power outage

Discussion in UPS Management Devices & PowerChute Software started by Péter , 8/2/2019 8:02 AM
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Servers are not turning on after power outage

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  • GPeter


    I have a problem that during a long power outage my servers are not starting up automatically when the power comes back. My cabling can be seen in the attached image file. The servers have 2 power cordes. 1 cord is connected to a UPS with NMC card installed and manage the shutdown events. The other cord is connected to a different UPS, but that one has no NMC card installed.

    I am suspecting that the problem can be that the UPS with no NMC did not drain all the batteries and one of the server PSU did not realized a missing input power event. Is this possible to happen?

    I have the following APC's:
    APC Matrix-UPS 5kVA (No NMC installed)
    SMT3000I (with NMC)
    SURTD3000XLI (with NMC)

    As far as I understand the Matrix UPS and the others are from different model family and I may not be able to configure a rendundant UPS setup even if I install an NMC in the Matrix UPS.

    What are my option here to achieve my goal that the servers can start up automatically.

    Thank you,

  • wpasquil


    The official answer is the UPS are not of the same family and therefore not compatible.

    The unofficial answer is

    1. Install PCNS and configure for a single UPS.
    2. Stop the PowerChute Service.
    3. Edit the pcnsconfig.ini file and add a second UPS to the Network Management Card section. See example below.
    4. Change enrolWithNMC = false
    5. If not done in the initial configuration in the Shutdown setting set turnoffUps = true
    6. Restart the PowerChute Service.
    7. Log into each NMC and add the PCNS client to the PowerChute client list.

    mode = redundant
    IP_1 =
    port = 80
    protocol = http
    enrolWithNMC = false
    acceptCerts = false
    IP_2 =

    PowerChute will then listen to each NMC and react as configured for redundant UPS even though they are of different families. 

    NOTE: The Matrix must have firmware Y or Z to be compatible with NMC. 

  • GPeter

    Tank you for your answer, we will try out your solution, if indeed our apc setup is the reason for the servers not starting up.

  • GPeter


    We have the following Matrix UPS:
    Display Rev.: 3Z
    UPS FW rev: 5ZI

    Is this model compatible with you unofficial solution?

  • wpasquil


    Yes. The Matrix in compatible with the NMC. I do suggest test first before purchasing a new card. You can pull a card from one of the other Smart-UPS and insert it in the Matrix. Test the configuration and if all goes well then purchase a new NMC. 

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