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When is started the Vmware VMs Shutdown ?

Discussion in UPS Management Devices & PowerChute Software started by Laurent , 8/1/2019 3:25 PM
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When is started the Vmware VMs Shutdown ?

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  • ldachy


    My environment is

    2 Esxi Vmware hosts 6.5 with HA

    1 Vcenter on VM on the HA cluster.

    1 APC Smart-UPS 3000 XLM

    Settings :

    I set the APC management card 

    I installed the APC Vmware appliance and set the Powerchuteclient

    In these settings I set the VM Prioritization with "VM shutdown Duration"

    My question are :

    When the APC is on battery, When is launched the VMs shutdown sequence ? I suppose I can set the battery

    I mean, when is laucnhed the VM shutdown sequence. 

    Thank you very much by advance.




    I set the network card management

  • wpasquil


    PCNS will start the shutdown sequence based on the events. When a shutdown action is enabled for an event, PowerChute treats the event as critical and will trigger a shutdown sequence. Events to trigger a shutdown will be found in the PCNS web interface under the heading of Configure Events.  Shutdown is not supported for all events: this is indicated by the presence or absence of an icon on the event row. The Delay field is the amount of time in seconds that PowerChute should wait before initiating the shutdown sequence. By default, the On Battery event has a delay of 120 seconds, whereas the default for all other events is 0 seconds.

    By default, PowerChute will only trigger a shutdown sequence if a low battery condition occurs or the UPS is commanded to turn off. Shutdown cannot be disabled for these events using the PowerChute user interface.

    This screenshot shows the On battery event

    After selecting Shutdown in the next screen I has configured a delay of 300 seconds (5 minute).

    What will happen is after the UPS has run on battery for 300 seconds PowerChute will start the shutdown process.

    I recommend you read the User's Guide. Sample shutdown scenarios are discussed starting on page 100. Configurable events are discussed starting on page 144 

  • ldachy

    Hello and thank you for your answer !

    I set the "UPS on battery" event on 360s.

    On the "UPS Network Management Card" software, do I need set something ? or I can let the default settings ?

    Thank you


  • wpasquil


    I recommend increasing the low battery duration to be 2 minutes greater than the time needed to power the systems down and bring them back on line. This is a fail safe as the UPS should not reach low battery since the systems would be off prior to that happening. 

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