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AP9631 NMC "Communication Established" Email Alert?

Discussion in UPS Management Devices & PowerChute Software started by Nate , 3/14/2019 9:49 PM
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AP9631 NMC "Communication Established" Email Alert?

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  • RedDelPaPa


    I've noticed it doesn't seem possible to configure the NMC software or APC Network shutdown software to send out email alerts for communication established events like you could with Powerchute Business edition when communication is established between the computer running network shutdown and the APC NMC.  Is this true or am I missing something?  I would like to be notified of this event if possible.

  • wpasquil
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    PowerChute Network Shutdown will record communication established and communication lost in its event log however it does not have the ability to send email. PCNS does offer SNMP where you could get a notification for comm lost with NMC. 

  • RedDelPaPa

    Hello Bill, and thank you for the reply.

    Ok great.  So can you walk me through setting up SNMP communication on a windows machine?  I can't find any documentation anywhere that explains to a newbie how to get this working.

  • wpasquil


    You need to enable SNMP support from the PCNS web interface and you can poll for lost comm or run a SNMP trap receiver to monitor. 

    SNMP is discussed on page 21 of the PCNS User's Guide https://www.apc.com/salestools/PMAR-9E5LVY/PMAR-9E5LVY_R5_EN.pdf

    As for a trap receiver and software to poll PCNS SNMP there are many different ones available. I suggest doing a web search to find ones that you like.  

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