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Unable to access web interface of APC Smart-UPS X 2200VA

Discussion in UPS Management Devices & PowerChute Software started by Jonathan , 2/4/2019 12:19 AM
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Unable to access web interface of APC Smart-UPS X 2200VA

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  • JonathanB


    I'm troubleshooting a sudden drop in SNMP data on an APC UPS for a customer. The client has two UPS of the same model, the other device is working without an issue. There are no issues with pinging the device.

    Although the second UPS isn't reporting any issues and we're still receiving SNMP information on our monitoring software, I can't for the life of my access that device either through any of the following methods. So far I've determined the following:

    - Unable to access the web interface using IP and ports 80, 443, 6547, 3052.
    - Tried to access via Telnet or SSH, connection refused (I don't think this was ever enabled or set up).
    - Ping is still responding fine without a problem.
    - Confirmed IP hasn't been taken by another device by manually turning off the switch port to the UPS and it's still pingable.

    I'm almost certain that the web interface port must have been changed to both devices (we normally leave it on the default 80), because it seems too coincidental that I can't access the UPS that's having issues nor the second UPS that's working normally. We have documentation on the UPS's user credentials, just not their web interface ports.

    I'm trying to avoid going to the site and either reseating the NMC or factory resetting it. Hoping that there might be an expert that's come across this situation before.


  • wpasquil


    You should connect the serial cable to the card (SKU 940-0299) to the card. You will be able change the settings through the serial interface. I use Putty but any terminal emulator will work. The port speed should be set to 9600. Once logged in if you enter help you will see all of the command options. I suggest you look at the web settings first. 

  • JonathanB

    Thanks for your reply Bill. After trying to serial cable method (either the APC 3.5mm -> serial or ethernet -> serial cable), neither were successful in connecting through com port.

    I ended up having to reset two APC UPS units back to factory defaults using the factory reset button (20s hold) and setting them back up from scratch. I'm at a crossroads as to what caused the issue for two UPS devices and there isn't any newer firmware available.

    Either way, It's all working again now. Thanks for your help.

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