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Powerchute business edition configuration errors

Discussion in UPS Management Devices & PowerChute Software started by David , 10/11/2018 12:52 AM
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Powerchute business edition configuration errors

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  • astrodoc

    I am unable to configure any devices found due to "failure to apply configuration" error. I have installed the software "launch.exe" using the command prompt in Windows 10 as instructed. I have been using the Powerchute Personal Edition with no problems but I need to use the email notification feature in the business edition since i am using the equipment remotely and the Personal Edition does not have that feature. I am using console and server versions 9.1.1 and the other one I believe is 9.0.3. WIndows 10 with a Dell Lattitude E6430. Back up unit is a Pro 1500. Connection is usb to the computer from the device. 


  • wpasquil
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    PowerChute Business Edition was not designed to communicate with Back-UPS and is not supported with a Back-UPS. If you would like to run PowerChute Business Edition you should connect a Smart-UPS and I recommend installing the latest version with is 9.5 available on apc.com. 

  • astrodoc

    Ok great! That worked! I just moved a smart ups that was on another system to this one and hooked everything up. Looks like the 9.5 version is a lot easier to use! Thank you! 

    One last question is how to test the email settings in the new version. There does not appear to be a "test" button I can find?

    Thanks again


  • wpasquil


    At this time there is no test button for email in PCBE . It is on the list to be added to a future release. For now when I want to test email I configure PCBE to send an email when I run a self-test. I then trigger a self-test to verify the email is sent/received. When PCBE sends the email it put an entry in the pcbe.log file. For Windows OS if installed to the default path PCBE is installed to C:\Program Files (x86)\APC\PowerChute Business Edition\agent the file will be in the log folder. 

    NOTE: I am removing your second post on the same subject.

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