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Powerchute Personal Edition support BP1000 Backup UPS Pro 1000 Serial cable connection?

Discussion in UPS Management Devices & PowerChute Software started by david , 2/6/2018 7:45 PM
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  • woodsod
    Novice Novice
    david 2/6/2018 7:45 PM

    I have a USB conversion Kit AP9584, and a serial 940-0024C and 940-0020B cables with Windows 10 Pro and several BP1000/Backup UPS Pro 1000 UPSs.

    With the USB conversion Kit AP9584 the Windows 10 Pro built in drivers see the UPSs ( I tried 2 of the three that I have).   Also Powerchute Personal Edition sees the UPS BP1000.

    Next I used a USB to Serial converter and the serial cables 940-0024C, 940-0020B.  In each case Windows 10 Pro did not see the UPSs.

    When I tried to use the Powerchute Personal Edition Software, Powerchute reported that no UPS could be detected.  Tried using either cables.

    Does the Powerchute Personal Edition Software version still support the serial interface.  When I cancel it talks about not finding the UPS on the USB interface.

    I have looked around the message board but nothing talks about Powerchute Personal Edition supporting or not supporting the serial interface.

    Secondly in order to test the USB to serial cable is it possible to use hyperterminal or putty or some other such terminal emulator to see if the connection is working?

    Oh did I mention, I tried COM2 and COM5 for the settings for the USB to Serial device.  Also settings were 9600 (Baud/bit Rate),8 (Data Bits),none (Parity),1 (stop bits),none (flow control).

    I know these are old UPSs but why buy new when the old work just fine when all I need is an orderly shutdown.

    ======Update 1 ================================================

    Tried Powerchute Business Edition.  Did not detect the UPS.  However after manually configuring the software to communicate over COM2, using the USB to Serial converter, the software did detect a Backup UPS Pro 1000.  When I disconnected the UPS from A/C the Powerchute Software did perform a shutdown.  Also I am alerted on my phone via email and txt/SMS!!!!!!!!  Supports TLS/SSL which my personal email FASTMAIL.COM requires in order to use their SMTP servers.

    This leads me to think that the Powerchute Personal Edition does not support the serial port.  However I cannot say that this is true for certain.

    Well I have achieved my objective and more!!!!

    Now I have to figure out to test the UPS on a periodic basis.

  • wpasquil
    =S= Representative
    Bill 2/7/2018 2:39 PM (in response to david)


    PowerChute Personal Edition is USB comm only. For the BP1000 I suggest using APCUPSD

    The com port setting should be 2400 (bit Rate), 8 (Data Bits), none (Parity), 1 (stop bits), none (flow control).

    The proper cable is 940-0020 as the UPS is simple signalling only. Simple signalling is one way communications. From UPS to computer / software. Simple signaling is the recognition of whether certain pins of the serial port are high or low, and allows for 3 states only; on battery, low battery and UPS turnoff.

  • woodsod
    Novice Novice
    david 2/7/2018 8:52 PM (in response to Bill)

    Thank you for the response, very elucidating, and the suggestion .

    Once I get home I will try this out!

    Thx again

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