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Multiple UPS connections via USB to one machine?

Discussion in UPS Management Devices & PowerChute Software started by TheFURY , 1/4/2008 1:36 AM
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Multiple UPS connections via USB to one machine?

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  • TheNotoriousKMP


    The software will only see the first UPS it detects. In order to monitor two, you would have to stop the agent service, reconnect the second machine, restart the service, and then open the agent. You won't be able to do two at once.

  • TheNotoriousKMP


    You can only use 1 Physical connection off of the UPS to monitor one server with one instance of Agent. In order to achieve graceful shutdown on the other machine, you would need to either:

    1. Write a command script @ shutdown so that the machine that has PCBE installed tells the other machine to begin a shutdown.

    2. Purchase a Serial Interface Expander (AP9607) card that will give you 2 additional (for which you'll only need one) Simple Signaling serial ports.

    3. Purchase a Network Management Card (Basic is AP9617) and install PowerChute Network Shutdown (free) that will communicate with both machines so long as a network connection is valid.

  • kf6bka
    This discussion is marked as answered

    I think He's in the same boat I am. Can you use one computer to monitor the status of 2 APC UPS with Powerchute? In my case I dont need graceful shutdown.


  • thefury

    Hi, I am running APC PowerChute Business Edition Basic and have 2x 2200 RM XL UPS units connected via USB to 1 windows 2003 server.. I can't get powerchute to recognize that there is 2 devices on this agent. Is it possible?

    Thank you

  • dkeraj

    Hello Kevin ,

    I have the same question now ,I have 2 Smart-UPS X 3000 . Is there a way that I can use one computer to monitor them via Powerchute . Is this case solved or it continues nowadays too ?

  • wpasquil


    To manage multple Smart-UPS using PCBE from a single system you need to stop the PowerChute service, disconnect UPS 1, connect UPS 2 and restart the service. 

    Also note that since Kevin posted in 2008 if you are connecting 2 different Smart-UPS e.g SMX and SUA, PowerChute would need to be uninstalled and reinstalled as the UPS use different communication protocols. 

  • dkeraj

    Hi Bill thank you for your response , but what Im asking is if there is a way to monitor both of them at the same time without disconnecting any of them?

    Thank you.

  • wpasquil


    If you have installed PowerChute Business Edition to monitor and manage the UPS and connected both to the single system via USB or serial then no. However, there are option depending on your configuration.

    Are you using the UPS as redundant back-up for the single server or are the multiple systems plug into the UPS and if so are any compatible with PowerChute?

    What is the exact model number of the Smart-UPS?

    Do the Smart-UPS have network cards installed in them? 

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