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AP9630 IPv6 IAID

Discussion in UPS Management Devices & PowerChute Software started by Daryl , 3/30/2017 8:22 PM
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AP9630 IPv6 IAID

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  • bimmerdriver

    I enabled IPv6 on my AP9630 and noticed that the IAID is set to 2. This is strange. The IAID is a 4 octet field that's used to identify individual interfaces. The value is supposed to be unique for all of the interfaces of a particular device. If the device has only one interface, such as a mobile phone or this NMC, the IAID is not used and it's value should be zero. Does anyone know why it's set to 2 or if there is a way to clear it?

    Here is a screen capture of the lease:

    The values are the lease, the IAID, the DUID and the MAC.

  • bimmerdriver

    Any thoughts from APC on this? Is the IAID set in a config file?

  • voidstar

    If we look at the SNMP interface table ., it looks like 1 is loopback and 2 is ethernet. The stack is capable of additional interfaces.

    It might help tech support to talk about why the non-zero IAID is a problem.

    I also took a look at RFC3315. I see it requires IAIDs to be unique but I'm not sure were the single interface requirements are.

  • bimmerdriver

    IAID has nothing to do with SNMP. It's for DHCPv6. It's not a "problem", but just unusual. If it's set to 2, there must be a setting somewhere. Normally for a device like this with only one interface, it should be zero. Again, not a show stopper, just strange. Why would someone set it to 2 rather than leave it null?

  • voidstar

    I see where you're coming from: Since it's a DHCP6-only identifier and only one interface uses DHCP, why would the IAID be two?

    I think it went the other way around: they needed a unique interface identifier for DHCP6 and already had one. Ethernet is the second interface, and loopback the first.

  • bimmerdriver

    DHCPv6 uses two unique identifiers. One is the DUID, which identifies the host. (There are 4 different types of DUID. The simplest is based on the MAC.) The other is the IAID, which identifies the interface on the host. The IAID is usually a 4 octet (32 bit) random number. If the device only supports one interface, the IAID is usually not used and left as zero.

  • bimmerdriver

    I updated the firmware on the NMC today, hoping there might be some noticeable improvements or new features in the software, such as fixing this, but it's still the same.

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