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Powerchute Network shutdown - how to power up server

Discussion in UPS Management Devices & PowerChute Software started by harry , 8/23/2016 11:49 AM
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Powerchute Network shutdown - how to power up server

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  • Hi,

    I manage to use Powerchute Network shutdown to shutdown the server when the UPS is on battery.

    However, i could not find the setting to Power up the server when the AC power is restored to the UPS.

    Can you point me to the correct direction?

  • I second this request!
    I had a similiar situation in a productive "test" last week: power failure, PCNS started shutdown after 2 minutes (because of weak setup) but did not shutdown the UPS, as the power has been restored after 20 minutes. I have an estimated runtime of 42 minutes, so without any load it would last for days...

    How do I instruct the UPS/NMC/PCNS to power on the servers after power is restored?

    My servers are configured to power on after power failure, but there was no visible power failure for them - simply someone (PCNS) who requested a shutdown, which had been processed.


  • Hi,

    PowerChute is the same as any other software application that runs on the OS. Once the OS is powered down the software ceases to run so it cannot power up the system. To have the system restart automatically you need to configure the BIOS to restart the OS when AC is restored. Then in PowerChute set it to shutdown the UPS or outlet group depending on the UPS model which will restore AC once it is returned. Kbase FA159550 discusses setting up the BIOS and PowerChute. 

    What happens is when PowerChute starts the OS shutdown it commands the UPS or outlet group down. When AC is restored the UPS or outlet group wait the user defined delay and then restores AC. If AC is restored prior to the UPS or outlet group power down the system will continue with the power down, wait the defined delay and then restore AC.

    If the UPS has outlet group/s you configure the actions and delays under Configuration - Outlet Groups.

    If the UPS does not have outlet group/s the settings on the NMC are under Configuration - Shutdown Settings - End of Shutdown return runtime duration, return delay. See the NMC help files for assistance. 

  • Hi Bill,

    I think i am near to what you are suggesting.

    But i am still abit confused about the three options for the BIOS Setting.

    My server was at Last State option before the outage.

    When the UPS is on Battery, Powerchute shutdown my server.

    But when the AC is restored, my server did not power up.

    In the above scenario, should my server be power up or stay down?

    My server status is on when the AC was lost, so it should be power up right?

    Please advise thank you.

  • Hi,

    When set to last state the system should power back up. The issue may be due to Windows ACPI power management (see Kbase FA159604). If it is not that then you should contact the computer manufacture for assistance.  

  • No harry,

    you have to configure your server BIOS to be "ALWAYS ON".

    Because shutting down with PowerChute is identical to a normal user-initiated shutdown & poweroff. Since the UPS keeps the server power up, there is no power outage for the server, until the UPS powers off (the Outlet Group). When UPS powers on again, the server was shutdown before and restores this state (OFF).
    You should be fine with "ALWAYS ON"!

    And thanks Bill!
    I was not sure about the fact "If AC is restored prior to the UPS or outlet group power down the system will continue with the power down, wait the defined delay and then restore AC." - I thought this would not happen and keep my servers off.

    But now I only have to make sure, that everything is shutting down, then activate UPS power down and it should work. I kept this setting at "Do not turn off the UPS" because there are some other devices which I wanted to keep from power outages if possible.
    (i.e. a Tape Library that needs ages after power on)
    As I don't have different Outlet Groups, I have to power off everything off and then on again.

    Thanks for explanation!

  • Hi 

    I am having the same problem, but with apcupsd running on ubuntu 16.04

    No restart after power is back

    Bios set to always on.

    Did read somewhere that ups has to shut down via killpower . Not sure if this is happening.

    How can I ensure  powering back up?

    tanks for the help

  • Hi,

    This post does not belong here. This thread is about PCNS not APCUPSD. 

    To answer your question, yes the UPS must power down to allow the BIOS to see that power has been restored to restart. I know when running apcupsd on Windows you must configured killpower. I assume you must do the same when running on ubuntu but you should post your inquiry to the apcupsd email list http://www.apcupsd.org/wordpress/support/


  • I know this thread is old, but I do see an issue when you have more that one server on an outlet group. If power is restored before the second server turns off during the shutdown phase, it will never turn on.

    Here is an example

    AC power goes off, Server 1 waits 60 minutes before shutdown and when complete, shuts off the group. Server 2 does a graceful shutdown in 5 minutes. Power is restored in 30 minutes. Server 2 never starts back up because Server 1 never went into shutdown mode.

    How do you prevent this from occurring?

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