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Powerchute problems | UPS Management Devices & PowerChute Software

Powerchute problems

Discussion in UPS Management Devices & PowerChute Software started by Dimitris , 2/11/2016 1:21 AM
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Powerchute problems

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  • dimie71

    Hello, I have 2 APC Back UPS 1100 and I am having a constant problem in both of them. Powerchute is ok at boot time but soon after I get a yellow attention triangle with an exclamation mark. If I hover my mouse over it, it reads Internal communication fault. The installed version is the latest, Powerchute Personal Edition 3.0.2.

    I have the same problem in 2 totally different computers and I really cannot understand why. In one of them I was running windows 8 x64 and after many tries to correct the problem, I ended up thinking there was something wrong with windows. After I upgraded to Windows 10 x64 I realized that this is a constant problem that has nothing to do with Windows or even the configuration of both computers under different operating systems.

    I am writing because this is very annoying. If I unplug the usb and replug it, everything comes back to normal for a very limited amount of time. The exclamation mark returns again. This happens in both devices, in both computers. One computer has Windows 8 x64 and the newer one has Windows 10 x64. Both computers have exactly the same problem, although they do not share the same configuration. The devices are almost new, both of them are under 1 year old. Powerchute reports well in "current status" and I can see all the readings there. Lately it refuses to run a self-test and gives a message "unable to carry out a self-test at this time". I need to add here that self-test passes successfully when there is no exclamation mark (which is when the communication has not stalled) appearing over the powerchute icon at the taskbar. Please note that the computers do not enter standby or hibernate mode, I read somewhere that the loss of communication can be because of this but this is not my case.

    I have been unable to find a solution to the above situation while searching the web. I wonder what can be done to solve this problem, I am really thinking of returning the devices for a refund as the loss of internal communication might mean that the UPS will not shutdown the computers when there is a power outage, just before the battery dies. I am convinced this is a software relative issue, since there are parts of powerchute that are active although there is an "internal communication fault". The devices themselves work fine once there is a power failure, powerchute is the problem.

    Please review this problem I have and try to provide the necessary help to solve it.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.



  • wpasquil


    When you see this issue what driver is displayed in Control Panel, Device Manager, Batteries? Also, what is displayed in Control Panel, Device Manager, Human Interface Devices? 

    If you are concerned about lost communications with PowerChute you could use the native power option to shut the OS down in the event of a power lose or you could install APCUPSD instead of PowerChute. Be aware if the issue is being cased by a conflict or noise on the Universal Serial Bus changing software application will not alleviate the issue.

  • dimie71

    Hello Bill.

    Under control panel, device manager, batteries it lists "APC UPS". Driver provider is APC, driver date is 3/11/2009 and driver version is
    Under control panel, device manager, human interface devices it lists "American Power Conversion USB UPS". Driver provider is Microsoft, driver date is 21/06/2006 and driver version is 10.0.10586.0.

    The link to APCUPSD gives an error for me.

    Thanks for the reply.

  • wpasquil


    Sorry about the broken link. The link is www.apcupsd.org

    The driver information is correct so that is strange. You should review the information in this post


  • dimie71

    Thanks for the answer Bill.

    The exclamation mark is not in my device manager so the link you gave me is not that relative. There is absolutely nothing wrong in my device manager.

    The UPS under "Batteries" and under HID reports the device works properly in both entries. Not only that, I can access the real time data provided by Powerchute under "current status" even though Powerchute reports there is a communication fault.

    The exclamation mark is a Powerchute exclusive. I have absolutely no other USB device reporting problems of communication

    or any other USB problem whatsoever. When I see the amount of messages referring to this exclamation mark and this communication

    fault, I feel disappointed that APC does not look into this issue that annoys so many people for so long. APC might be making great UPS

    but their software has issues and that is a disadvantage for users and potential buyers.
    I previously used another brand and their software was working as expected.

    I will try apcupsd to see if I can use that instead.

    Thanks for your time.

  • mouridis
    This discussion is marked as answered

    I have EXACTLY the same issue as Dimitris. If I had to describe it, I wouldn't be able to deviate much from his initial post.

    Since this thread is old, maybe some solution was found already?

  • Negage

    I have EXACTLY the same issue as Dimitris. APC (Schneider Electric) seems to ignore the problem.

  • wpasquil


    Sorry for the inconvenience. What is the OS PowerChute is installed on and what is the model of Back-UPS. 

  • sarandinga2

    I have exactly the same problem.

    I have a Back-Ups BX1100CI-AR. I use Windows 10 Pro.

    I had my unit changed for this problem, but I have the same message with the new unit also.

  • Negage


    I'm using windows 10 and back ups BX700-UI. Direct connection to the computer USB port. I have uninstalled the PowerShute software and used native windows power management and it takes longer to lose the ups but it still happens from time to time. The problem must be on the UPS unit.

  • sarandinga2

    I had my unit replaced by a new one since one week ago, but the problem persists.

  • mouridis

    Hello Bill,

    OS is Windows 10 Pro (10.0.16299)

    UPS is Back-UPS XS 650CI (FW version 892.R5.I)

    Powerchute version is Personal edition 3.0.2.

  • mouridis

    Dear Antonio,

    The thread is called "Powerchute problems" and we've all been reporting a specific problem with PowerChute SW where an exclamation mark appears on the system tray icon and an error is reported while there are indications that the UPS is STILL connected and communicating with the PC. We do not experience periods where the pc "loses" the UPS as you mention. Even when the exclamation mark is there, it seems that powerchute software has not "lost" the UPS.

    If your experience is different, where your pc loses connection with the UPS and the issue, as you say, is unrelated to powerchute software, please start a new thread because it's a different problem.

    Thank you.

  • npapanik

    Hi to all,

    I have two APC UPS: and old Back-UPS RS 1000 (more than 10 years old) and a much newer Back-UPS RS 550GI. The first is attached to an AMD Ryzen PC running Windows 10 Pro x64 and the second to an HPE Microserver Gen 10 running Windows Server 2016. Both are running Powerchute 3.02. The first shows the exclamation mark from time to time... The second never. The only difference - operation wise - is the fact that the PC goes into standby, whereas the server is always on, 24/7/365. 

    And a comment: the SW/driver hasn't been updated since 2009...

    Back-UPS RS 1000, Back-UPS RS 550GI
  • sarandinga2

    I think that the problem may be related to Windows 10 Pro x64.


  • sarandinga2

    Hello everybody.

    Thera are any news about this problem?.

    Thanks in advance.


  • sarandinga2

    Not any news?


  • pfff

    Got the same problem with APC Back-UPS R/S 1500 and Windows 10 Pro 18.09. Can we expect an update of the driver or the software?

  • wpasquil


    We are planning a replacement / update for PCPE 3.0.2. No date has been set as of yet but I am confident it will be this year.

  • pfff

    Thank you!

  • Channism

    Hello, I have the same problem with my pc which has Win10 Pro 64bit Genuine latest version.

    Also the main problem is for me that the app says error upon I have pushed Self test then the UPS does the procedures immediately. The self test process might successful (maybe yes) But finally app makes error as "unable to carry out... ..."

    Frankly I am so disappointed because APC is the best leading company in this industry but the app is too much old, final update only year 2012! How it is? I am pity. 

    Hope the new update should be come very soon.

    × Model back pro BR550GI manufactured year2018, purchased just few days ago.

    × Usb connected on motherboard's direct usb connector. 3.1 connector also same.

    × Legacy usb support from uefi is enabled but same.

    × sometimes Self test function has been successed upon I have had disconnect Ethernet RJ45 cables from the UPS. (Strange)

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