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AP7921 No devices after PDU reboot.

Discussion in Racks, Rack Accessories, & Cooling started by Jonathan , 1/1/2021 7:49 AM
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Posted in: General

AP7921 No devices after PDU reboot.

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  • Gang, I am wondering if you can help? I recently rebooted a 7921 PDU running 3.9.2. The PDU has been happy for as long as I can remember had has been rebooted many times. However upon this reboot the PDU isnt showing any outlets under the device manager.

    I cant access the web interface it says something went wrong however I can telnet and serial console to the appliance.

    The 7 segment display doesnt light and the led above it is red from the moment of power on.

    Does anyone have any ideas ?

    Many thanks in advance

  • It sounds like the firmware is corrupt, I'd try reapplying and seeing if it comes back.


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