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NMC Failsafe reset loop

Discussion in Racks, Rack Accessories, & Cooling started by German , 3/6/2019 11:29 AM
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Posted in: General

NMC Failsafe reset loop

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  • germantic

    We have two cooling units that we have connected to our network through their NMC (AOS v6.5.6). Since then, we are experiencing NMC reboots every 10-12 minutes. 

    We believe is not a Watchdog system issue as we don't have any "Netsafe reset" entry on our debug.txt, instead we only have "Failsafe reset" entries linked with each reboot we see in event.txt log.

    Finally in dump.txt we see:

    03/05/2019 15:28:45 Failsafe Reset
    Specific code = 168

    AOS v6.5.6 ledx2 v6.0.8
    Serial Number: XXXXXXX
    AOS Binary Date/Time: Mar 30 2018 17:08:55
    APP Binary Date/Time: Oct 16 2018 18:24:29
    Task Dump Task ID 254

    We have not found any info about that specific code or Task ID, only 2 matches in two attached files in this forum, but we were unable to find the post associated with them.



    Any help would be greatly appreciated

  • UnexpectedBill

    This can be caused by insufficient network traffic reaching the management card. If it doesn't see enough traffic within a specified timeframe, the watchdog will intervene and restart the card.

    It'd be easy enough to verify that this is the case. Arrange for a computer to repeatedly ping the management card and see if the issue disappears.

  • germantic

    Thanks William!

    We tested that and in fact some of the reboots have been while we were browsing the web interface, that's why we believe the issue is not traffic-related (Apart from the missing Netsafe reset entry in the debug log)

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