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Display Bank Current Numbers on LCD Screen

Discussion in Racks, Rack Accessories, & Cooling started by Mike , 9/10/2018 2:23 PM
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  • mreed
    New Member New Member
    Mike 9/10/2018 2:23 PM

    Recently we have been updating the firmware on our APC AP8865 PDU's to 6.5.6 to put them on the network. Before we were able to view the bank current from the LCD screen. Now with the new firmware the bank current is displayed in the form of bars. Is there a way to get the LCD screen to display the bank current back in numbers? We have not got the network up and running yet to have them online. Currently we have to Putty into each one to get that information. 

  • B-DoubleE
    =S= Representative
    Matt 9/12/2018 4:54 PM (in response to Mike)

    Hi Mike,

    Sorry for the inconvenience - We are re-adding the ability to change the LCD information back to numerical format as part of a future firmware update

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