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Discussion in Racks, Rack Accessories, & Cooling started by Hosein , 8/12/2018 5:53 AM
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  • hosein

    hello to eveyone .i have a ACRD602 . i have a new problem ! the display doesnt show the amount of temperature of sensores And situation of cooling working on idle or on and show it this ( --- ) . !!!!!!!!! why ?! i update the cooling but while updating a error appeares .and i couldnt update it . how can i fix it ? thanks .

    for more info i replace the MB(mother board) of these cooling with the same .at first it was ok but after restarting the unit the display changed .

    i attached a photo of display .

  • L2SupportServices-Cooling

    This means that the display is not speaking properly with the main board on the unit. This could be for many reasons. First make sure the proper firmware is on the display. Second check the cables from the display to the main board to make sure they are secure. Next check that the TSI card on the main board is seated correctly (this is the flat card next/above all the dry contact connections and network connection on the main board). It is very easy to get one of the pins bent or not securely in on this card. Also check that the other cards on the main board are fully seated.

    Thank you

  • hosein

    thanks for answering . 

    i update my cooling to last version but i didnt update the LCD of cooling . how can i update my LCD to last version on specific version ? give me a link for updating the LCD . THANKS ALOT .

  • L2SupportServices-Cooling

    Hello. Here is the link to our website to get the firmware. Choose the Inrow 600mm w/touchscreen Firmware V6.3.5.


    Here is the link to how to upgrade the firmware on the unit. This unit has a NMC2 in it. You may have to change the country for the website. These links are to the US page.


    Thank you

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