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APC PDU without a UPS?

Discussion in Racks, Rack Accessories, & Cooling started by Thomas , 5/9/2018 10:06 AM
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  • twhittle1
    New Member New Member
    Thomas 5/9/2018 10:06 AM


    This is probably such a basic question but I'm very new to power and Backup.

    is it possible to use a PDU without a UPS? I.E. Plugged straight into the mains?

    I'm interested in using the features of a metered UPS (outlet power up down, load monitoring etc) but don't need battery backup.

    Can I literally get a C20 -> Mains cable can plug the PDU directly into the mains or does the PDU require a UPS in order to function?



  • mvictoriano
    =S= Representative
    Mike 5/9/2018 12:36 PM (in response to Thomas)

    Hi Thomas,

    A PDU can be used as a stand-alone device. It does not need a UPS to function. As long as the power requirements are met, then it should work. A UPS is typically recommended to clean incoming power or to avoid possible surges passing to your loads, as a PDU does not have surge protection. 

    You may check the PDU selector here: http://www.apc.com/us/en/tools/selector/pdu/index.cfm?ISOCountryCode=us

  • twhittle1
    New Member New Member
    Thomas 5/9/2018 12:42 PM (in response to Mike)

    Brilliant thanks Mike, I'd not considered surges, although the facility is using a central "big" UPS so this is probably catered for there.

    Kind Regards,


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