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AP7930 not getting DHCP IP

Discussion in Racks, Rack Accessories, & Cooling started by Jon , 3/14/2012 8:58 PM
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Posted in: General

AP7930 not getting DHCP IP

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  • Jon_K

    Hi All

    Very helpful forum so far! Many thanks!

    I have an AP7930 120v PDU. It is on a switch just like my other 4 PDU's. I cannot configure it as it is not getting an IP. I know I can configure it through hyperterm with a serial cable but I don't have a laptop or desktop near the Symmetra unit in order to do so. I feel like I am missing something so maybe someone can help.

    I have an 8 port switch with 4 other PDU's plugged in (8841's) which all get IPs. The 7930's network LED status shows that its "sending/receiving" LED blinks but the "status" LED just flashes orange/off/orange/off.

    I hold the control button for 5 seconds and scrolls across so it's got no IP. Any ideas? DHCP is working on the other units (which I've changed to static addresses after logging in) but I cannot figure out what's up with this 7930.



  • ipicKedawinna

    the vendor cookie requirement was something that some customers liked and some did not. that is why we changed it on NMC2 devices which is what the AP8XXX use.

  • ipicKedawinna

    hi again,

    AP7XXX PDUs default to DHCP with option 43 vendor cookie required. the AP8XXX series models default to DHCP with no vendor cookie required. if you want to disable the requirement i outline and explain below, you can hyperterminal in, and go to Network->TCP/IP->Boot Mode (ensure it is set to DHCP) then back out a menu and go to Advanced->Require Vendor Cookie to accept offer and you can change that to yes/no or similar.

    if you cannot get that serial cable, see if anything else listed here might work for you-> http://nam-en.apc.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3061

    more info on that cookie here:

    If the card is configured to accept a DHCP address but it is not receiving a valid address or not receiving any address, then the customer would need to check his or her DHCP server to ensure the DHCP response is valid. The NMC1 (and NMC2 @ 5.0.x) by default, will require the DHCP server to respond with Vendor specific information if it fails to accept the address it will log the reason in the event log.
    The correct cookie should be set under option 43 on the DHCP server, the cookie can be broken down into three fields, the TAG field, the LENGTH field and the DATA field, the TAG field in the APC cookie is 01, the LENGTH field (LEN) is 04 (this specifies the length of the data field) the DATA field is 31-41-50-43, this represents 1APC , the complete Cookie is

    OPTION 43 = 0x01 0x04 0x31 0x41 0x50 0x43

    If the card is expecting the vendor specific information to be received and it is not it will accept the IP and then release the address after a short period of time, this is to prevent the card from using up multiple IP’s within the address allocation pool.

  • Jon_K

    Thanks again

    I ended up finding the serial cable and a laptop. Config'd for manual IP, all is well!

    Just annoying that the 7930 model doesn't pick up DHCP like the rest of their products seem to.

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