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AP7920 & AOS (3.9.2)

Discussion in Racks, Rack Accessories, & Cooling started by Luca , 3/6/2018 6:37 PM
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  • lucav87
    Novice Novice
    Luca 3/6/2018 6:37 PM


    I updated the firmware of my AP7920 PDU using the apc_hw02_aos_270.bin file that provided me with technical support, but now I can no longer access the web interface (FTP and SSH work), do I have to update the AOS too?
    because I can not find the file from the site and I do not know where to download it from
    can you help me?
    attached you find my situation
    sorry for my bad english
    thank you very much :-)
  • B-DoubleE
    =S= Representative
    Matt 3/6/2018 9:29 PM (in response to Luca)

    Hi Luca,

    Yes, you would need to update the AOS and APP files - more info can be found here: http://www.schneider-electric.com/en/faqs/index?page=content&id=FA156047

    The latest rev is v3.9.2, you can download it here - ftp://restrict:Kop$74%21@ftp.apcc.com/restricted/hardware/nmcard/firmware/rpdu/392/apc_hw02_aos392_rpdu392.exe

  • galleno69
    New Member New Member
    Geoff 7/7/2018 5:34 AM (in response to Matt)

    It appears the username/pw has changed?  Anybody got a link to the 3.9.2 software that works?


  • Terry_Kennedy
    Apprentice Apprentice
    Terry 7/8/2018 8:36 AM (in response to Geoff)

    Copy and paste the link in the original post, don't try clicking on it. I just tried that (IE11) and it asked me where I wanted to store the downloaded file.

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