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Whatsup Gold 2017 and PDU's

Discussion in Racks, Rack Accessories, & Cooling started by Jeff , 1/15/2018 9:50 PM
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  • jefferyk23
    New Member New Member
    Jeff 1/15/2018 9:50 PM

    I am receiving System: "Detected an unauthorized user attempting to access the SNMP interface from x.x.x.x" in the form of hundreds of emails every time I do a discovery on Whatsup Gold.  The strange part is that I have SNMP credentials setup for v1,2 and 3, I have setup the matching community on my PDU's, restarted the management card, but for some reason every time a discovery occurs, it says all sets of credentials fail.  For testing purposes I have gone with a very simple v1 community string, matched it on WUG, and still receive these errors in the logs, hundreds of them.  Has anyone run into this issue? I should say I have plenty of servers, swtiches, routers and other devices working just fine with SNMP, it's only my PDU's and UPS', and all are on current firmware.

  • B-DoubleE
    =S= Representative
    Matt 1/17/2018 5:16 PM (in response to Jeff)

    Hi Jeff,

    Would you be able to run the discovery using only one version of SNMP at a time? I would agree that as long as all community names (for v1 and v2c) and passphrases/protocols (for v3) are the same then it would make sense to work. Could you also send me a copy of the log files for one of your UPS/PDU's via private message so we can review it? Instructions on how to download them can be found here: http://www.apc.com/us/en/faqs/FA156131/

  • jefferyk23
    New Member New Member
    Jeff 1/17/2018 8:05 PM (in response to Matt)

    How do I PM you?  When I click your name it says it's private.

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