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InRow RP DX: Compressor drive fault exists

Discussion in Racks, Rack Accessories, & Cooling started by Rami , 10/22/2016 7:04 AM
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Posted in: General

InRow RP DX: Compressor drive fault exists

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  • Hello,

    I'm Rami from Palestine, we are working in a new DC, and installed two Units of ACRP102 InRow RP DX for this DC, when I try to start up the unit for the first time, the unit gave me one alarm and one warning.

    • InRow RP: Compressor drive fault exists
    • High suction pressure alarm exists

    Really I can't solve this problem, what are you advise to do?

  • Hello Rami. If you can look under the compressor status on the front screen there is a section that shows and alarm code for the compressor drive. If you can get this an call into your local tech support, they will be able to decode it and give you steps on what needs to be done. So common things that you can check in the mean time is to make sure there are no loose wires or connections (will need to be done by an HVAC tech) and make sure the oil sight glass is half to 3/4 full.

    Thank you

  • Dear Sir,

    I did that before by myself, but I'm still wait Schneider response.

    here my last E-mail to them

    Because of the problem occurred by the VFD (Compressor drive), I have checked the history alarms of the VFD, the alarms were:






    Backing to Danfuss Operating Instructions VLT® CDS 302 and CDS 303, these alarms related to Motor output phases loss


    Alarm 30, 31, and 32.




    But I checked the cables which are between the Compressor and the VFD, all of them are OK, and I have checked the Resistance between the Compressor terminals, they were about 1 ohm. Also I checked the starting current of every phase when the VFD trying to run the compressor; the currents were: 16A, 19A and 21A.


    Now please confirm If I can do these test:

    • Connect the Compressor directly to mains three phases 400Vl-l 50Hz, and check if it run Ok.
    • Swap the VFD between the running ACRP102 to the faulted one.


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    Hello. You can swap the VFD's and see if the issue follows the VFD. I would NOT recommend hooking the compressor directly to power. Check the lines to ground at the compressor lugs to make sure the compressor is not grounded.

    Thank you

  • Thank you very much

    I have changed the VFD and the Compressors 

  • yo tuve el mismo problema 

    y se soluciono solo cambiando el compresor ya que la logistica fue la culpable de la falla

    al abrir el compresor para saber realmente cual era la falla nos dimos cuenta que la alta presion que deberia ir hacia el condensador este botaba todo hacia el mismo compresor dando la alarma de alta presion.

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    I'm Sobuj from Saudi arabia we are working in a DC, and  Units of ACRP102 InRow RP DX for this DC, when I try to start up the unit, it showing  me one alarm. 

    • High suction pressure alarm 

    Really I can't solve this problem, what are you advise to do?

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    Iw this problem at start up or after an maintenance done?


  • The high pressure in suction usually occurs because the condenser is dirty and does not make the adequate thermal change and is still returning in the form of gas
    start by checking the state of the capacitor
    check that the fans are working properly.

  • Hello

    It was working fine since 3 years, suddenly showing this alarm. High Suctiob PresPress.

  • even more so, it must require maintenance to the external unit

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