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strange behaviour ups smt1000rmi2u (newbie)

Discussion in Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM started by Tiberius , 7 days ago
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strange behaviour ups smt1000rmi2u (newbie)

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    • Hello,


      I have a strange problem with my new ups connected via usb toa linux server running NUT

      Until now i used a small APC backup ups 500va but my network equiments grow and i decided to move everything to a network rack.


      I aquired a APC smart ups smt1000rmi2u wich fits into my rack. This ups is connected by usb to a server running plex, nextcloud , openmediavault

      What i need to do:


      When power fail i want my UPS to shutdown the server since it has the bigged power consumption and keep other network equipments on untill battery discharges, (like router, poe switch, security cameras)

      My config is default:

      driver = usbhid-ups

      port = auto

      Shutdown mode - ups goes on battery Shutdown timer 30


      My old UPS worked great for this when power failed it initiated shutdown for server and keept everything else on untill battery died


      My new ups apc smt1000rmi2u has a strange behaviour using exactly the same configuration.


      When power fails the UPS will initiate shudown for the server then on my UPS display i can see: " APC grp 1 rbt off by usb" it will close Group 1 plugs (not exactly a problem since i dont have anything plugged up in there) in 180 seconds then the ups will reboot itself displaying a similar message.


      I checked all UPS settings for hours but dont find anything wrong.



      If the ups it not connected to my server on power failure everything will be normal the ups will keep equiments powered on untill battery discharge. but i really want my UPS to initiate shutdown to the server and only keep other equiments on.


      If i change Shutdown mode - to low battery the UPS will work normal untill battery is low then same strange behaviour it will shutdown server then shutdown grp1 plugs then reboot itself in 180 seconds displaying same messages.


      Any ideas?

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