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[Critical] Need firmware for nmc2 AP9630 installed in a APC Smart-UPS 5000 VA/SUA5000RMI5U | Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM

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[Critical] Need firmware for nmc2 AP9630 installed in a APC Smart-UPS 5000 VA/SUA5000RMI5U

Discussion in Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM started by Mathieu , 22 days ago
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[Critical] Need firmware for nmc2 AP9630 installed in a APC Smart-UPS 5000 VA/SUA5000RMI5U

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  • Hello,

    Critical help needed please, following a by mistake wrong firmware flashing (firmware from another UPS model) with firmware upgrade utility under windows, when logging in on the nmc 2 AP9630, we can't see the UPS status anymore with critical error message not beeing able to get contact status.

    Please please we need to have the firmware which was previously installed onto this nmc2 to be able to use it,

    UPS: Smart-UPS SUA5000 VA, model: SUA5000RMI5U s/n: AS1430133617 (from back sticker), nmc2 AP9630.

    I was looking around APC website but couldn't find any relevant information.

    If somebody have the original firmware for this AP9630 + Smart-UPS combo it will save us as that's the only way we can operate this unit (it doesn't have a front panel, got damaged in shipping back then).

    Thank you a lot again!

    Below are the log from the firmware upgrade utility:

    Ping Test 04/14/21 09:40:13
    [04/14/21 09:40:13] Ping successful

    Ping Test 04/14/21 09:40:45
    [04/14/21 09:40:45] Ping successful

    Starting Upgrade 04/14/21 09:40:47
    [04/14/21 09:40:47] Pinging (via ICMP) device
    [04/14/21 09:40:47] Device connection passed
    [04/14/21 09:40:48] Testing FTP Log-in
    [04/14/21 09:40:51] FTP Log-in passed
    [04/14/21 09:40:52] Saving data file
    [04/14/21 09:40:53] AOS Prior to firmware transfer: Network Management Card AOS v6.0.6

    [04/14/21 09:40:53] APP Prior to firmware transfer: Smart-UPS & Matrix-UPS APP v6.0.6

    [04/14/21 09:40:53] Saving event & configuration files
    [04/14/21 09:41:15] Transferring firmware file (1/3): Boot Monitor
    [04/14/21 09:41:22] Boot Monitor transfer successful
    [04/14/21 09:41:24] Restarting network interface
    [04/14/21 09:42:14] Device connection passed
    [04/14/21 09:42:17] Testing FTP Log-in
    [04/14/21 09:42:17] FTP Log-in passed
    [04/14/21 09:42:18] Transferring firmware file (2/3): OS
    [04/14/21 09:43:08] OS transfer successful
    [04/14/21 09:43:10] Restarting network interface
    [04/14/21 09:43:30] Pinging (via ICMP) device
    [04/14/21 09:44:27] Device connection passed
    [04/14/21 09:44:28] Testing FTP Log-in
    [04/14/21 09:44:29] FTP Log-in successful
    [04/14/21 09:44:30] Transferring firmware file (3/3): application
    [04/14/21 09:45:18] Restarting network interface
    [04/14/21 09:45:28] Pinging (via ICMP) device
    [04/14/21 09:45:53] No language pack selected
    [04/14/21 09:45:53] OS & Application transfer completed

    Ping Test 04/14/21 09:48:04
    [04/14/21 09:48:04] Ping successful

  • This discussion is marked as answered

    Well after digging, I could bring it back online, thanks for this forum precious informations that helped me to find it out:

    I found the right firmware update files here: https://www.se.com/ww/en/product/SFSUMX696/ups-network-management-card-v6.9.6-firmware-for-smart-ups-%26-galaxy-3500-with-ap9630-31-35/?range=61930-firmware-upgrades&node=37229164016-ups-nmc-firmware-upgrades&selected-node-id=37229164016

    after uploading the latest Network Management Card 2 (NMC 2) Firmware v6.9.6 for Smart-UPS to the nmc2 AP9630 everything came back properly online as before and works great!

    I was looking all over the www.apc.com website instead of the Schneider Electric website at www.se.com....

    Good scary lesson learn for me...

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