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SMT1500RM2U says output off

Discussion in Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM started by Isaac , 27 days ago
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SMT1500RM2U says output off

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  • I setup and new SMT1500 to replace an older one that went out. After the setup wizard it says output off. We got 5 of these so I figured I'll get another one. The other says the same thing. It has incoming voltage and battery is ok. I go to Control and we i set the outlets to anything it says Apply AC to turn on unit. That's when I realized the light for online isn't on either like they usually do when you power the UPS. Any suggestion to why it just says output off? I couldn't find anywhere to change it.

  • Just to check, you have powered the UPS on by pressing the power button on the front? The LCD and controls will work with power input but you have to turn the UPS on with the power button at the front.

  • Yes when I press the power button it beeps, Then asks about the UPS control. I set it to turn on with no delay and that's when it says Apply Ac to turn on unit. I've unplugged it and disconnected the battery. connected battery and plugged in unit press the button and comes up back tot he same thing. Just coincidence two units have done the same thing. We have three more in the box and I'm curious now to see if those do the same thing

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