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Battery Pack Names

Discussion in Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM started by Bruno , 16 days ago
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Battery Pack Names

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  • Hi you all! Regards from Chile!

    I would like to known if has anyone experienced the same problem that I am having. For a fault in the Cartridge 2 of the Battery Pack 1, we change the battery pack 1 with his internal cartridge, even so, the alarm persist, so i notice that the new battery pack have a different name that the original one, so, the UPS assume that the fault of the previous battery pack is present, because the new battery pack have a different id.

  • Hi

    The alert is usually due to uneven current sharing across RBCs and can indicate that one or more  RBCs are underperforming or old / manufacture date difference etc

    Unfortunately the resolution to this issue is to replace all internal and external RBCs






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