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Problems upgrading firmware on a SMX1000

Discussion in Smart-UPS & Symmetra LX / RM started by Roberto , 21 days ago
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Problems upgrading firmware on a SMX1000

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  • I was trying to upgrade a SMX1000  Serial AS1539213xxx and Firmware Revision 09.1 (ID20) with the suggested SMT20UPS_10-2.enc via the Wizard 4.2.1 without any success as comunication was lost through the USB.  Then I tried through a APC 9630 via the web manager and the firmware was transfered but then the UPS got stuck with a upgrading message process and all the leds were alternate flashing. Unfortunately I waited more than 2 hours without any progress.  

    Because the "upgrading process" the wizard is not sensing the UPS power off and refuses to continue the firmware upgrade.

    When trying again to upgrade via the 9630 it is "transferring" the file but the UPS green led is off which I guess it's proof something is wrong.

    One of the messages I saw on the 9630 showed there was not a no valid firmware but according to the revision notes this SMT20UPS enc  is the one for this SMX1000.

    I will deeply appreciate any tip as to force the firmware on site,  no matter what should I do directly on the motherboard to reset it or allow the UPS to restart without getting back to the upgrading error loop because this UPS is on a remote location and it's impossible to send back for service



  • And now what can I do ?  APC support has not get back to me yet and I really need this UPS to work so please somebody take me out of misery and help me with any tip of how to reflash the firmware !!!!!!

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